SLM Download
1 BBA-01/Principles of ManagementBBA-I SLMNot Applicable
2 BBA-02/Fundamentals of AccountingBBA-I SLMNot Applicable
3 BBA-03/Business EconomicsBBA-I SLMNot Applicable
4 BBA-04/Business Environment BBA-I SLMNot Applicable
5 BBA-05/Fundamentals of Business Statistics BBA-I SLMNot Applicable
6 BBA-06/Business CommunicationBBA-I SLMNot Applicable
7 BBA-07/Marketing ManagementBBA-II SLMNot Applicable
8 BBA-08/Human Resource ManagementBBA-II SLMNot Applicable
9 BBA-09/Cost and Management AccountingBBA-II SLMNot Applicable
10 BBA-10/Banking and Insurance ManagementBBA-II SLMNot Applicable
11 BBA-11/Computer Applications in ManagementBBA-II SLMNot Applicable
12 BBA-12/Entrepreneurship & Small Scale BusinessesBBA-II SLMNot Applicable
13 BBA-13/Financial ManagementBBA-III SLMNot Applicable
14 BBA-14/Organizational BehaviourBBA-III SLMNot Applicable
15 BBA-15/Legal Aspects of BusinessBBA-III SLMNot Applicable
16 BBA-16/Strategic ManagementBBA-III SLMNot Applicable
17 BBA-17/E - CommerceBBA-III SLMNot Applicable
18 BBI/BiologyBSCP SLMNot Applicable
19 BBM/Book - keeping and Business MathematicsBCP SLMNot Applicable
20 BC-01/Financial AccountingBCOM-I SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
21 BC-02/Business StatisticsBCOM-I SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
22 BC-03/Business LawBCOM-I SLMBusiness Administration
23 BC-04/Business CommunicationBCOM-I SLMBusiness Administration
24 BC-05/Business EconomicsBCOM-I SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
25 BC-06/Business EnvironmentBCOM-I SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
26 BC-07/Corporate AccountingBCOM2L-2 SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
27 BC-07/Corporate AccountingBCOM-II SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
28 BC-08/Cost AccountingBCOM2L-2 SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
29 BC-08/Cost AccountingBCOM-II SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
30 BC-09/Company law& Secretarial PracticeBCOM2L-2 SLMBusiness Administration
31 BC-09/Company law& Secretarial PracticeBCOM-II SLMBusiness Administration
32 BC-10/Business Organisation & ManagementBCOM2L-2 SLMBusiness Administration
33 BC-10/Business Organisation & ManagementBCOM-II SLMBusiness Administration
34 BC-11/Economic Policy & Rural DevelopmentBCOM2L-2 SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
35 BC-11/Economic Policy & Rural DevelopmentBCOM-II SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
36 BC-12/Element of Financial ManagementBCOM2L-2 SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
37 BC-12/Element of Financial ManagementBCOM-II SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
38 BC-13/Management AccountingBCOM2L-3 SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
39 BC-13/Management AccountingBCOM3L-3 SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
40 BC-13/Management AccountingBCOM-III SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
41 BC-14/AuditingBCOM2L-3 SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
42 BC-14/AuditingBCOM3L-3 SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
43 BC-14/AuditingBCOM-III SLMAccounting and Business Statistics
44 BC-15/InsuranceBCOM2L-3 SLMBusiness Administration
45 BC-15/InsuranceBCOM3L-3 SLMBusiness Administration
46 BC-15/InsuranceBCOM-III SLMBusiness Administration
47 BC-16/E-CommerceBCOM2L-3 SLMBusiness Administration
48 BC-16/E-CommerceBCOM3L-3 SLMBusiness Administration
49 BC-16/E-CommerceBCOM-III SLMBusiness Administration
50 BC-17/Banking Law & PracticeBCOM2L-3 SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
51 BC-17/Banking Law & PracticeBCOM3L-3 SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
52 BC-17/Banking Law & PracticeBCOM-III SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
53 BC-18/International BusinessBCOM2L-3 SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
54 BC-18/International BusinessBCOM3L-3 SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
55 BC-18/International BusinessBCOM-III SLMEconomic Administration and Financial Management
56 BCA-01/Introduction to Computer ScienceBCA-I SLMNot Applicable
57 BCA-02/Discrete MathematicsBCA-I SLMNot Applicable
58 BCA-03/Basic ElectronicsBCA-I SLMNot Applicable
59 BCA-04/Computer Applications for Office Management BCA-I SLMNot Applicable
60 BCA-05/Web Authoring Tools BCA-I SLMNot Applicable
61 BCA-06/Programming in C BCA-I SLMNot Applicable
62 BCA-07/Operating System - IBCA-II SLMNot Applicable
63 BCA-08/Software EngineeringBCA-II SLMNot Applicable
64 BCA-09/Data Base Management System BCA-II SLMNot Applicable
65 BCA-09/Data Base Management System (Theory and Practical)BCA-II SLMNot Applicable
66 BCA-10/Object Orientated Programming in C ++ BCA-II SLMNot Applicable
67 BCA-10/Object Orientated Programming in C ++ (Theory and Practical)BCA-II SLMNot Applicable
68 BCA-11/Programming in Visual Basic BCA-II SLMNot Applicable
69 BCA-11/Programming in Visual Basic (Theory and Practical)BCA-II SLMNot Applicable
70 BCA-12/Data Structures and AlgorithmsBCA-II SLMNot Applicable
71 BCA-13/Operating System - IIBCA-III SLMNot Applicable
72 BCA-14/Computer Applications in Corporate WorldBCA-III SLMNot Applicable
73 BCA-15/Fundamental of Computer NetworksBCA-III SLMNot Applicable
74 BCA-16/Programming in JAVA BCA-III SLMNot Applicable
75 BCA-16/Programming in JAVA (Theory and Practical)BCA-III SLMNot Applicable
76 BCA-17/Web Technology BCA-III SLMNot Applicable
77 BCA-17/Web Technology (Theory and Practical)BCA-III SLMNot Applicable
78 BCH/ChemistryBSCP SLMNot Applicable
79 BED-01/Understanding LearnerBED SLMNot Applicable
80 BED-02/Educational TechnologyBED SLMNot Applicable
81 BED-03/Competency Based LearningBED SLMNot Applicable
82 BED-04/Curriculum and EvaluationBED SLMNot Applicable
83 BED-05/School System : Issues and ManagmentBED SLMNot Applicable
84 BED-06/Educational Context and LinkageBED SLMNot Applicable
85 BED-07/Computer Literacy and ApplicationBED SLMNot Applicable
86 BED-08/Environmental EducationBED SLMNot Applicable
87 BED-09/Teaching of General ScienceBED SLMNot Applicable
88 BED-10/Teaching of Social ScienceBED SLMNot Applicable
89 BED-101/Childhood and Growing UpBED-I SLMNot Applicable
90 BED-102/Contemporary India and EducationBED-I SLMNot Applicable
91 BED-103/Language across the CurriculumBED-I SLMNot Applicable
92 BED-104/Understanding Disciplines and SubjectsBED-I SLMNot Applicable
93 BED-105/Reading and Reflecting on Texts (EPC)BED-I SLMNot Applicable
94 BED-106/Learning and TeachingBED-I SLMNot Applicable
95 BED-107/Pedagogy of General ScienceBED-I SLMNot Applicable
96 BED-108/Pedagogy of MathematicsBED-I SLMNot Applicable
97 BED-109/Pedagogy of Social ScienceBED-I SLMNot Applicable
98 BED-11/Teaching of EnglishBED SLMNot Applicable
99 BED-110/Pedagogy of HindiBED-I SLMNot Applicable
100 BED-111/Pedagogy of EnglishBED-I SLMNot Applicable
101 BED-112/Pedagogy of SanskritBED-I SLMNot Applicable
102 BED-113/Assessment for LearningBED-I SLMNot Applicable
103 BED-114/Drama and art in Education (EPC)BED-I SLMNot Applicable
104 BED-115/Knowledge and CurriculumBED-II SLMNot Applicable
105 BED-116/School InternshipBED-II SLMNot Applicable
106 BED-117/Gender, School and SocietyBED-II SLMNot Applicable
107 BED-118/Creating an Inclusive SchoolBED-II SLMNot Applicable
108 BED-119/Vocational/Work EducationBED-II SLMNot Applicable
109 BED-12/Teaching of HindiBED SLMNot Applicable
110 BED-120/Health and Physical EducationBED-II SLMNot Applicable
111 BED-121/Peace EducationBED-II SLMNot Applicable
112 BED-122/Guidance and CounsellingBED-II SLMNot Applicable
113 BED-123/Pedagogy of PhysicsBED-II SLMNot Applicable
114 BED-124/Pedagogy of ChemistryBED-II SLMNot Applicable
115 BED-125/Pedagogy of BiologyBED-II SLMNot Applicable
116 BED-126/Pedagogy of GeographyBED-II SLMNot Applicable
117 BED-127/Pedagogy of HistoryBED-II SLMNot Applicable
118 BED-128/Pedagogy of CivicsBED-II SLMNot Applicable
119 BED-129/Pedagogy of EconomicsBED-II SLMNot Applicable
120 BED-13/Teaching of SanskritBED SLMNot Applicable
121 BED-130/Pedagogy of Home ScienceBED-II SLMNot Applicable
122 BED-131/Pedagogy of Financial AccountancyBED-I SLMNot Applicable
123 BED-132/Pedagogy of Business OrganisationBED-II SLMNot Applicable
124 BED-133/Critical Understanding of ICT (EPC)BED-II SLMNot Applicable
125 BED-134/Understanding the Self (EPC)BED-II SLMNot Applicable
126 BED-14/Teaching of ChemistryBED SLMNot Applicable
127 BED-15/Teaching of BiologyBED SLMNot Applicable
128 BED-16/Teaching of MathematicsBED SLMNot Applicable
129 BED-17/Teaching of PhysicsBED SLMNot Applicable
130 BED-18/Teaching of GeographyBED SLMNot Applicable
131 BED-19/Teaching of EconomicsBED SLMNot Applicable
132 BED-20/Teaching of HistoryBED SLMNot Applicable
133 BED-21/Teaching of CivicsBED SLMNot Applicable
134 BED-22/Teaching of Home ScienceBED SLMNot Applicable
135 BED-23/Teaching of Business OrganizationBED SLMNot Applicable
136 BED-24/Teaching of Financial AccountingBED SLMNot Applicable
137 BHHM-01/Culinary StudiesBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
138 BHHM-02/Food & Beverage ServicesBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
139 BHHM-03/Front OfficeBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
140 BHHM-04/House KeepingBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
141 BHHM-05/Contemporary Hospitality Industry & Hospitality LawBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
142 BHHM-06/Food Science Nutrition& HACCPBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
143 BHHM-07/Culinary OperationsBHHM-II SLMNot Applicable
144 BHHM-08/Food & Beverage Operations & ControlsBHHM-II SLMNot Applicable
145 BHHM-09/House Keeping OperationsBHHM-II SLMNot Applicable
146 BHHM-10/Front Office Operations & Hotel AccountancyBHHM-II SLMNot Applicable
147 BHHM-11/Principles of Hospitality Tourism ManagementBHHM-II SLMNot Applicable
148 BHHM-13/Industrial Training Report & Viva-Voce on Advanced Culinary studiesBHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
149 BHHM-14/Industrial Training Report & Viva-Voce on Advanced Food & Beverage ManagementBHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
150 BHHM-15/Marketing ManagementBHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
151 BHHM-16/Human Resource Management BHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
152 BHHM-17/Business CommunicationBHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
153 BHHM-18/New Hospitality Product Development & Revenue ManagementBHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
154 BJ-01/Computer Application and Cyber MediaBJ SLMNot Applicable
155 BJ-01/Computer Application and Cyber MediaBJMC SLMNot Applicable
156 BJ-02/Communication & Developmental CommunicationBJ SLMNot Applicable
157 BJ-02/Communication & Developmental CommunicationBJMC SLMNot Applicable
158 BJ-03/History of Mass Communication MediaBJ SLMNot Applicable
159 BJ-03/History of Mass Communication MediaBJMC SLMNot Applicable
160 BJ-04/Media WritingBJ SLMNot Applicable
161 BJ-04/Media WritingBJMC SLMNot Applicable
162 BJ-05/Public Relation & AdvertisingBJ SLMNot Applicable
163 BJ-05/Public Relation & AdvertisingBJMC SLMNot Applicable
164 BJ-06/Editing, Layout &PrintingBJ SLMNot Applicable
165 BJ-06/Editing, Layout &PrintingBJMC SLMNot Applicable
166 BJ-07/Management of Media Institutes and Media LawBJ SLMNot Applicable
167 BJ-07/Management of Media Institutes and Media LawBJL-F SLMNot Applicable
168 BJ-07/Management of Media Institutes and Media LawBJMC SLMNot Applicable
169 BJ-08/Practical Work / ProjectBJMC SLMNot Applicable
170 BJ-08/Practical Work PaperBJ SLMNot Applicable
171 BJ-08/Practical Work PaperBJL-F SLMNot Applicable
172 BLIS-01/Library and SocietyBLIS SLMNot Applicable
173 BLIS-02/Library Classification and Cataloguing- TheoryBLIS SLM SLM Not Applicable
174 BLIS-03/Library Classification-PracticalBLIS SLMNot Applicable
175 BLIS-04/Library Cataloguing-PracticalBLIS SLM SLM Not Applicable
176 BLIS-05/Library ManagementBLIS SLMNot Applicable
177 BLIS-06/Information SourcesBLIS SLMNot Applicable
178 BLIS-07/Reference and Information ServicesBLIS SLMNot Applicable
179 BLIS-08/Computer : Basics and ApplicationsBLIS SLMNot Applicable
180 BMT/MathematicsBSCP SLMNot Applicable
181 BMT/MathematicsBSCP SLMNot Applicable
182 BO-01/Algae, Lichens and BryophytesBScA(BO) SLMBotany
183 BO-01/Algae, Lichens and BryophytesBSC-I SLMBotany
184 BO-02/Microbiology, Mycology and Plant PathologyBScA(BO) SLM SLM Botany
185 BO-02/Microbiology, Mycology and Plant PathologyBSC-I SLM SLM Botany
186 BO-03/Pterdophytes, Gymnosperms and PalebotonyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
187 BO-03/Pterdophytes, Gymnosperms and PalebotonyBSC-I SLMBotany
188 BO-04/Practical BotanyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
189 BO-04/Practical BotanyBSC-I SLMBotany
190 BO-05/Plant Morphology & AnatomyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
191 BO-05/Plant Morphology & AnatomyBSC2L-2 SLMBotany
192 BO-05/Plant Morphology & AnatomyBSC-II SLMBotany
193 BO-06/Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant BreedingBScA(BO) SLMBotany
194 BO-06/Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant BreedingBSC2L-2 SLMBotany
195 BO-06/Cell Biology, Genetics & Plant BreedingBSC-II SLMBotany
196 BO-07/Plant Physiology & BiochemistryBScA(BO) SLMBotany
197 BO-07/Plant Physiology & BiochemistryBSC2L-2 SLMBotany
198 BO-07/Plant Physiology & BiochemistryBSC-II SLMBotany
199 BO-08/Practical BotanyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
200 BO-08/Practical BotanyBSC2L-2 SLMBotany
201 BO-08/Practical BotanyBSC-II SLMBotany
202 BO-09/Taxonomy and Embryology of AngiospermBScA(BO) SLMBotany
203 BO-09/Taxonomy and Embryology of AngiospermBSC2L-3 SLMBotany
204 BO-09/Taxonomy and Embryology of AngiospermBSC3L-3 SLMBotany
205 BO-09/Taxonomy and Embryology of AngiospermBSC-III SLMBotany
206 BO-10/Molecular Biology and TechnologyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
207 BO-10/Molecular Biology and TechnologyBSC2L-3 SLMBotany
208 BO-10/Molecular Biology and TechnologyBSC3L-3 SLMBotany
209 BO-10/Molecular Biology and TechnologyBSC-III SLMBotany
210 BO-11/Plant Ecology & Economic BotanyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
211 BO-11/Plant Ecology & Economic BotanyBSC2L-3 SLMBotany
212 BO-11/Plant Ecology & Economic BotanyBSC3L-3 SLMBotany
213 BO-11/Plant Ecology & Economic BotanyBSC-III SLMBotany
214 BO-12/Practical BotanyBScA(BO) SLMBotany
215 BO-12/Practical BotanyBSC2L-3 SLMBotany
216 BO-12/Practical BotanyBSC3L-3 SLMBotany
217 BO-12/Practical BotanyBSC-III SLMBotany
218 BPH/PhysicsBSCP SLM SLM Not Applicable
219 BT-01/Fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Biological SciencesBScA(BT) SLM SLM Bio Technology
220 BT-01/Fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry and Biological SciencesBSC-I SLM SLM Bio Technology
221 BT-02/Molecular Biology, Microbiology and BiochemistryBScA(BT) SLM SLM Bio Technology
222 BT-02/Molecular Biology, Microbiology and BiochemistryBSC-I SLM SLM Bio Technology
223 BT-03/Developmental Biology and Bio StaticsBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
224 BT-03/Developmental Biology and Bio StaticsBSC-I SLMBio Technology
225 BT-04/Practical BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
226 BT-04/Practical BiotechnologyBSC-I SLMBio Technology
227 BT-05/Animal BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
228 BT-05/Animal BiotechnologyBSC2L-2 SLMBio Technology
229 BT-05/Animal BiotechnologyBSC-II SLMBio Technology
230 BT-06/Plant BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
231 BT-06/Plant BiotechnologyBSC2L-2 SLMBio Technology
232 BT-06/Plant BiotechnologyBSC-II SLMBio Technology
233 BT-07/Microbial BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
234 BT-07/Microbial BiotechnologyBSC2L-2 SLMBio Technology
235 BT-07/Microbial BiotechnologyBSC-II SLMBio Technology
236 BT-08/Practical BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
237 BT-08/Practical BiotechnologyBSC2L-2 SLMBio Technology
238 BT-08/Practical BiotechnologyBSC-II SLMBio Technology
239 BT-09/Bioinformatics & Intellectual Property RightsBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
240 BT-09/Bioinformatics & Intellectual Property RightsBSC2L-3 SLMBio Technology
241 BT-09/Bioinformatics & Intellectual Property RightsBSC3L-3 SLMBio Technology
242 BT-09/Bioinformatics & Intellectual Property RightsBSC-III SLMBio Technology
243 BT-10/Nano BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
244 BT-10/Nano BiotechnologyBSC2L-3 SLMBio Technology
245 BT-10/Nano BiotechnologyBSC3L-3 SLMBio Technology
246 BT-10/Nano BiotechnologyBSC-III SLMBio Technology
247 BT-11/Bioprocess TechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
248 BT-11/Bioprocess TechnologyBSC2L-3 SLMBio Technology
249 BT-11/Bioprocess TechnologyBSC3L-3 SLMBio Technology
250 BT-11/Bioprocess TechnologyBSC-III SLMBio Technology
251 BT-12/Practical BiotechnologyBScA(BT) SLMBio Technology
252 BT-12/Practical BiotechnologyBSC2L-3 SLMBio Technology
253 BT-12/Practical BiotechnologyBSC3L-3 SLMBio Technology
254 BT-12/Practical BiotechnologyBSC-III SLMBio Technology
255 CBIL-01/Banking LawsCBIL SLMNot Applicable
256 CBIL-02/Insurance lawsCBIL SLMNot Applicable
257 CBIL-03/Essay WritingCBIL SLMNot Applicable
258 CCE-01/General Principles of Creative writingCCE SLMNot Applicable
259 CCE-02/Elements of Creative WritingCCE SLMNot Applicable
260 CCP-01/Crop ProductionCCP SLMNot Applicable
261 CCP-02/HorticultureCCP SLMNot Applicable
262 CCP-03/Plant Protection and ManagementCCP SLMNot Applicable
263 CCT-01/Paryatan me Adhar pathykramCCT SLMNot Applicable
264 CCT-02/Rajasthan ke niwasiyon ki paramparaon avam sanskriti ki ek rooprekhaCCT SLMNot Applicable
265 CFE-01/English in Specific SituationsCFE SLMNot Applicable
266 CFE-03/English Usages and Language skillsCFE SLMNot Applicable
267 CH-01/Inorganic ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
268 CH-01/Inorganic ChemistryBSC-I SLMChemistry
269 CH-02/Organic ChemistryBScA(CH) SLM SLM Chemistry
270 CH-02/Organic ChemistryBSC-I SLM SLM Chemistry
271 CH-03/Physical ChemistryBScA(CH) SLM SLM Chemistry
272 CH-03/Physical ChemistryBSC-I SLM SLM Chemistry
273 CH-04/Practical ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
274 CH-04/Practical ChemistryBSC-I SLMChemistry
275 CH-05/Inorganic ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
276 CH-05/Inorganic ChemistryBSC2L-2 SLMChemistry
277 CH-05/Inorganic ChemistryBSC-II SLMChemistry
278 CH-06/Organic ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
279 CH-06/Organic ChemistryBSC2L-2 SLMChemistry
280 CH-06/Organic ChemistryBSC-II SLMChemistry
281 CH-07/Physical ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
282 CH-07/Physical ChemistryBSC2L-2 SLMChemistry
283 CH-07/Physical ChemistryBSC-II SLMChemistry
284 CH-08/Practical ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
285 CH-08/Practical ChemistryBSC2L-2 SLMChemistry
286 CH-08/Practical ChemistryBSC-II SLMChemistry
287 CH-09/Inorganic ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
288 CH-09/Inorganic ChemistryBSC2L-3 SLMChemistry
289 CH-09/Inorganic ChemistryBSC3L-3 SLMChemistry
290 CH-09/Inorganic ChemistryBSC-III SLMChemistry
291 CH-10/Organic ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
292 CH-10/Organic ChemistryBSC2L-3 SLMChemistry
293 CH-10/Organic ChemistryBSC3L-3 SLMChemistry
294 CH-10/Organic ChemistryBSC-III SLMChemistry
295 CH-11/Physical ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
296 CH-11/Physical ChemistryBSC2L-3 SLMChemistry
297 CH-11/Physical ChemistryBSC3L-3 SLMChemistry
298 CH-11/Physical ChemistryBSC-III SLMChemistry
299 CH-12/Practical ChemistryBScA(CH) SLMChemistry
300 CH-12/Practical ChemistryBSC2L-3 SLMChemistry
301 CH-12/Practical ChemistryBSC3L-3 SLMChemistry
302 CH-12/Practical ChemistryBSC-III SLMChemistry
303 CHR-1/Human Rights in International ScenarioCHR SLMNot Applicable
304 CHR-2/Human Rights and IndiaCHR SLMNot Applicable
305 CHR-3/Emerging Issues and Judicial ApproachesCHR SLMNot Applicable
306 CIA-01/Ayurved PrabodhCIA SLMNot Applicable
307 CIA-02/Chikitsa Vigyan evam PanchkarmCIA SLMNot Applicable
308 CIJ-01/Falit Jyotish ka Saidhantik GyanCIJ SLMNot Applicable
309 CIJ-02/Jyotish dwara Faladesh ki VidhiCIJ SLMNot Applicable
310 CIJ-03/PracticalCIJ SLMNot Applicable
311 CIN-01/prakratik chikitsaCIN SLMNot Applicable
312 CIY-01/Yog Vigyan ka ParichayCIY SLMNot Applicable
313 CIY-02/Hatyog Vigyan ka ParichayCIY SLMNot Applicable
314 CLAW-01/Mahilaon ki Sthiti evam unki samasyanCLAW SLMNot Applicable
315 CLAW-02/Mahilaon ke AdhikarCLAW SLMNot Applicable
316 CLAW-03/Mahilaon ke Sandharbh me Vaidhanik BodhCLAW SLMNot Applicable
317 CLP-1/Consumerism,Consumer and the Law in IndiaCLP SLMNot Applicable
318 CLP-2/Consumer Practices and ProceduresCLP SLMNot Applicable
319 CLP-3/EssayCLP SLMNot Applicable
320 CMES-01/Memory Enhancement ScienceCMES SLMNot Applicable
321 CMES-02/Science of Healty and Happy LifeCMES SLMNot Applicable
322 CMES-03/PracticalCMES SLMNot Applicable
323 COA-01/Sharir Rachna Evam Sharir Kriya VigyanCOA SLMNot Applicable
324 COA-02/Nursing Evam Samudayik SwasthyayCOA SLMNot Applicable
325 COA-03/Prasuti Vigyan Saidhantik Evam PrayogikCOA SLMNot Applicable
326 COS-01/Manav Sharir ke Prati osteopathic DrishtikonCOS SLMNot Applicable
327 COS-02/Manav Sharir ka vgiyani AdhyanCOS SLMNot Applicable
328 CPGM-01/Gandhi : Life and ThoughtCPGM SLMNot Applicable
329 CPGM-02/Gandhi : TechniquiesCPGM SLMNot Applicable
330 CPNM-01/Mahatma Gandhi Narega AdhiniyamCPNM SLMNot Applicable
331 CPNM-02/Met : Karya evam DayitvaCPNM SLMNot Applicable
332 CS-01/Computer Applications in Corporate World BA-I SLMComputer Science
333 CS-01/Computer Applications in Corporate WorldBSC-I SLMComputer Science
334 CS-01/Computer Applications in Corporate WorldBSC-I SLMComputer Science
335 CTE-01/Spoken English : Phonetics and PhonologyCTE SLMNot Applicable
336 CTE-02/Written English : Morphology and MorphemesCTE SLMNot Applicable
337 DAL-05/ProjectDAL SLMNot Applicable
338 DCT-01/ Bharat ke Nivasiyon ki Pramparao evam Sanskriti ki Ek RooprekhaDCT SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
339 DCT-02/Rajasthan ke Nivasiyon ki Pramparayein tatha Sanskriti Paryatan Vishayak Paripreksheya(Rajya tatha SDCT SLM SLM Not Applicable
340 DCT-03/Rajasthan ke Nivasiyon ki Paramparayein tatha Pray atan Pariprekshay(kala evam Shilp)DCT SLM SLM Not Applicable
341 DCT-04/Rajasthan mein Yatra va ParyatanDCT SLMNot Applicable
342 DFJK-01/Falit Jyotish Ka Siddhantik GyanDFJK SLMNot Applicable
343 DFJK-02/Jyotish Dwara Faladesh ki VidhiDFJK SLMNot Applicable
344 DFJK-03/Nitya Karm PriyogDFJK SLMNot Applicable
345 DFJK-04/Grah Shanti PrakranDFJK SLMNot Applicable
346 DGA-01/Crop ProductionDGA SLMNot Applicable
347 DGA-02/HorticultureDGA SLMNot Applicable
348 DGA-03/Plant Protection ManagementDGA SLMNot Applicable
349 DGA-04/Soil Fertility & Fertilizer UseDGA SLMNot Applicable
350 DGA-04/Soil Fertility & Fertilizer UseDGAL SLMNot Applicable
351 DGA-05/Agriculture Marketing & Extension EducationDGA SLMNot Applicable
352 DGA-05/Agriculture Marketing & Extension EducationDGAL SLMNot Applicable
353 DLIS-01/Pustkalya Vargikaran evam Suchikaran SiddhantDLIS SLMNot Applicable
354 DLIS-01/Pustkalya Vargikaran evam Suchikaran SiddhantDLISOL SLMNot Applicable
355 DLIS-02/Pustkalya Vargikaran -PrayogikDLIS SLMNot Applicable
356 DLIS-02/Pustkalya Vargikaran -PrayogikDLISOL SLMNot Applicable
357 DLIS-03/Pustkalya Suchikaran -PrayogikDLIS SLMNot Applicable
358 DLIS-03/Pustkalya Suchikaran -PrayogikDLISOL SLMNot Applicable
359 DLIS-04/Pustkalya Nityacharya evam Sandarbh KaryaDLIS SLMNot Applicable
360 DLIS-04/Pustkalya Nityacharya evam Sandarbh KaryaDLISOL SLMNot Applicable
361 DLIS-05/Vidhayalay evam Sarvjanik PustkalyaDLIS SLMNot Applicable
362 DLIS-05/Vidhayalay evam Sarvjanik PustkalyaDLISOL SLMNot Applicable
363 DLIS-06/Suchna Sevayein evam Computer AnuprayogDLIS SLMNot Applicable
364 DLIS-06/Suchna Sevayein evam Computer AnuprayogDLISOL SLMNot Applicable
365 DMC-01/Mass Communication & Journalism : An IntroductionDMC SLMNot Applicable
366 DMC-02/Advertising and Public RelationsDMC SLMNot Applicable
367 DMC-03/Electronic MediaDMC SLMNot Applicable
368 DMC-04/Media LawsDMC SLMNot Applicable
369 DMC-05/Practical PaperDMC SLMNot Applicable
370 DMESSM-01/Memory Enhancement ScienceDMESSM SLMNot Applicable
371 DMESSM-02/Stress Management through Psycho-neurobicsDMESSM SLMNot Applicable
372 DMESSM-03/Human AnatomyDMESSM SLMNot Applicable
373 DMESSM-04/PracticalDMESSM SLMNot Applicable
374 DNS-01/Prakritik Chikitasha Evam Vaikalpik Rogopchar VidhiyaDNS SLMNot Applicable
375 DNS-02/Manav Shareer Rachana Evam Kriya VigyanDNS SLMNot Applicable
376 DNS-03/Aahaar Evam Poshan VigyanDNS SLMNot Applicable
377 DNS-04/Prakritik Chikitasha Dwara Samanya Rogo ka UpchaarDNS SLMNot Applicable
378 DPL-05/ProjectDPL SLMNot Applicable
379 DPM-01/Kukkut Palan-Ek ParichayDPM SLMNot Applicable
380 DPM-02/Kukkut Farmo ka Rakhrakhav evam PrabandhDPM SLMNot Applicable
381 DPM-03/Pakshiyon ke Samanay Rog va NidanDPM SLMNot Applicable
382 DPM-04/Kukkut Vipnan va PrabandhDPM SLMNot Applicable
383 DPM-05/Pariyojna NirmanDPM SLMNot Applicable
384 DSPR-01/Mahila Prastithi Vividh AayamDSPR SLMNot Applicable
385 DSPR-02/Samajik Samasayaein evam VyasanDSPR SLMNot Applicable
386 DSPR-03/Samajik Samasayaein Rajya Prashan evam Samajik ParivaritanDSPR SLMNot Applicable
387 DWSM-01/Jalgrahan Vikas-Sidhant evam RannitiDWSM SLMNot Applicable
388 DWSM-02/Jalgrahan Vikas Gatividhiyan-Aayojan CharanDWSM SLMNot Applicable
389 DWSM-03/Jalgrahan Vikas Kriyanvan CharanDWSM SLMNot Applicable
390 DWSM-04/Jalgrahan Prabandhan evam field workDWSM SLMNot Applicable
391 DYA-01/Introduction to yoga scienceDYA SLM SLM Not Applicable
392 DYA-02/Introduction to hatha yoga scienceDYA SLMNot Applicable
393 DYA-03/Ayurveda PrabodhDYA SLMNot Applicable
394 DYA-04/Chikitsa Vigyan evam panchkarmDYA SLM SLM Not Applicable
395 DYN-01/Introduction to yoga scienceDYN SLM SLM Not Applicable
396 DYN-02/Introduction to hatha yoga scienceDYN SLMNot Applicable
397 DYN-03/NaturopathyDYN SLMNot Applicable
398 DYN-04/PanchmahabhootDYN SLMNot Applicable
399 DYS-01/Sampurna Yoga ParichayaDYS SLMNot Applicable
400 DYS-02/Manav Shareer Rachana Evam Kriya VigyanDYS SLMNot Applicable
401 DYS-03/Aahaar Evam Poshan VigyanDYS SLMNot Applicable
402 DYS-04/Hat Yoga Evam Yoga VigyanDYS SLMNot Applicable
403 EC-01/Micro Economic TheoryBAA(EC) SLMEconomics
404 EC-01/Micro Economic TheoryBScA(EC) SLMEconomics
405 EC-01/Micro Economic TheoryBA-I SLMEconomics
406 EC-01/Micro Economic TheoryBSC-I SLMEconomics
407 EC-02/Issues in Indian Economic DevelopmentBAA(EC) SLMEconomics
408 EC-02/Issues in Indian Economic DevelopmentBScA(EC) SLMEconomics
409 EC-02/Issues in Indian Economic DevelopmentBA-I SLMEconomics
410 EC-02/Issues in Indian Economic DevelopmentBSC-I SLMEconomics
411 EC-03/Macro EconomicsBAA(EC) SLMEconomics
412 EC-03/Macro EconomicsBScA(EC) SLMEconomics
413 EC-03/Macro EconomicsBA2L-2 SLMEconomics
414 EC-03/Macro EconomicsBA-II SLMEconomics
415 EC-03/Macro EconomicsBSC2L-2 SLMEconomics
416 EC-03/Macro EconomicsBSC-II SLMEconomics
417 EC-04/Economy of RajasthanBAA(EC) SLMEconomics
418 EC-04/Economy of RajasthanBScA(EC) SLMEconomics
419 EC-04/Economy of RajasthanBA2L-2 SLMEconomics
420 EC-04/Economy of RajasthanBA-II SLMEconomics
421 EC-04/Economy of RajasthanBSC2L-2 SLMEconomics
422 EC-04/Economy of RajasthanBSC-II SLMEconomics
423 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBAA(EC) SLMEconomics
424 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBScA(EC) SLMEconomics
425 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBA2L-3 SLMEconomics
426 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBA3L-3 SLMEconomics
427 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBA-III SLMEconomics
428 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBSC2L-3 SLMEconomics
429 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBSC3L-3 SLMEconomics
430 EC-05/Quantitative MethodsBSC-III SLMEconomics
431 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBAA(EC) SLMEconomics
432 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBScA(EC) SLMEconomics
433 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBA2L-3 SLMEconomics
434 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBA3L-3 SLMEconomics
435 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBA-III SLMEconomics
436 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBSC2L-3 SLMEconomics
437 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBSC3L-3 SLMEconomics
438 EC-06/Money, Banking & Public FinanceBSC-III SLMEconomics
439 ED-01/Understanding EducationBAA(ED) SLMEducation
440 ED-01/Understanding EducationBA-I SLMEducation
441 ED-02/Understanding LearnerBAA(ED) SLMEducation
442 ED-02/Understanding LearnerBA-I SLMEducation
443 ED-03/Education and DevelopmentBAA(ED) SLMEducation
444 ED-03/Education and DevelopmentBA2L-2 SLMEducation
445 ED-03/Education and DevelopmentBA-II SLMEducation
446 ED-04/Education and SocietyBAA(ED) SLMEducation
447 ED-04/Education and SocietyBA2L-2 SLMEducation
448 ED-04/Education and SocietyBA-II SLMEducation
449 ED-05/Indian Experiment in EducationBAA(ED) SLMEducation
450 ED-05/Indian Experiment in EducationBA2L-3 SLMEducation
451 ED-05/Indian Experiment in EducationBA3L-3 SLMEducation
452 ED-05/Indian Experiment in EducationBA-III SLMEducation
453 ED-06/Western Educational Thought and ThinkersBAA(ED) SLMEducation
454 ED-06/Western Educational Thought and ThinkersBA2L-3 SLMEducation
455 ED-06/Western Educational Thought and ThinkersBA3L-3 SLMEducation
456 ED-06/Western Educational Thought and ThinkersBA-III SLMEducation
457 EG-01/Poetry and DramaBAA(EG) SLMEnglish Literature
458 EG-01/Poetry and DramaBA-I SLMEnglish Literature
459 EG-02/Prose and FictionBAA(EG) SLMEnglish Literature
460 EG-02/Prose and FictionBA-I SLMEnglish Literature
461 EG-03/Poetry and Drama Part-IIBAA(EG) SLMEnglish Literature
462 EG-03/Poetry and Drama Part-IIBA2L-2 SLMEnglish Literature
463 EG-03/Poetry and Drama Part-IIBA-II SLMEnglish Literature
464 EG-04/Prose and Fiction Part-IIBAA(EG) SLMEnglish Literature
465 EG-04/Prose and Fiction Part-IIBA2L-2 SLMEnglish Literature
466 EG-04/Prose and Fiction Part-IIBA-II SLMEnglish Literature
467 EG-05/Poetry and Drama Part-IIIBAA(EG) SLMEnglish Literature
468 EG-05/Poetry and Drama Part-IIIBA2L-3 SLMEnglish Literature
469 EG-05/Poetry and Drama Part-IIIBA3L-3 SLMEnglish Literature
470 EG-05/Poetry and Drama Part-IIIBA-III SLMEnglish Literature
471 EG-06/Prose and Fiction Part-IIIBAA(EG) SLMEnglish Literature
472 EG-06/Prose and Fiction Part-IIIBA2L-3 SLMEnglish Literature
473 EG-06/Prose and Fiction Part-IIIBA3L-3 SLMEnglish Literature
474 EG-06/Prose and Fiction Part-IIIBA-III SLMEnglish Literature
475 EMT/Elementary MathematicsBAP SLMNot Applicable
476 EMT/Elementry MathematicsBAP SLMNot Applicable
477 GE-01/Physical GeographyBA-I SLMGeography
478 GE-01/Physical GeographyBAA(GE) SLMGeography
479 GE-01/Physical GeographyBScA(GE) SLMGeography
480 GE-01/Physical GeographyBA-I SLMGeography
481 GE-01/Physical GeographyBSC-I SLMGeography
482 GE-02/Geography of RajasthanBA-I SLMGeography
483 GE-02/Geography of RajasthanBAA(GE) SLMGeography
484 GE-02/Geography of RajasthanBScA(GE) SLMGeography
485 GE-02/Geography of RajasthanBA-I SLMGeography
486 GE-02/Geography of RajasthanBSC-I SLMGeography
487 GE-03/Practical GeographyBA-I SLMGeography
488 GE-03/Practical GeographyBAA(GE) SLMGeography
489 GE-03/Practical GeographyBScA(GE) SLMGeography
490 GE-03/Practical GeographyBA-I SLMGeography
491 GE-03/Practical GeographyBSC-I SLMGeography
492 GE-04/Geography of ResourcesBAA(GE) SLMGeography
493 GE-04/Geography of ResourcesBScA(GE) SLMGeography
494 GE-04/Geography of ResourcesBA2L-2 SLMGeography
495 GE-04/Geography of ResourcesBA-II SLMGeography
496 GE-04/Geography of ResourcesBSC2L-2 SLMGeography
497 GE-04/Geography of ResourcesBSC-II SLMGeography
498 GE-05/Human GeographyBAA(GE) SLMGeography
499 GE-05/Human GeographyBScA(GE) SLMGeography
500 GE-05/Human GeographyBA2L-2 SLMGeography
501 GE-05/Human GeographyBA-II SLMGeography
502 GE-05/Human GeographyBSC2L-2 SLMGeography
503 GE-05/Human GeographyBSC-II SLMGeography
504 GE-06/Practical GeographyBAA(GE) SLMGeography
505 GE-06/Practical GeographyBScA(GE) SLMGeography
506 GE-06/Practical GeographyBA2L-2 SLMGeography
507 GE-06/Practical GeographyBA-II SLMGeography
508 GE-06/Practical GeographyBSC2L-2 SLMGeography
509 GE-06/Practical GeographyBSC-II SLMGeography
510 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBAA(GE) SLMGeography
511 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBScA(GE) SLMGeography
512 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBA2L-3 SLMGeography
513 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBA3L-3 SLMGeography
514 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBA-III SLMGeography
515 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBSC2L-3 SLMGeography
516 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBSC3L-3 SLMGeography
517 GE-07/Geography of AsiaBSC-III SLMGeography
518 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBAA(GE) SLMGeography
519 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBScA(GE) SLMGeography
520 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBA2L-3 SLMGeography
521 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBA3L-3 SLMGeography
522 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBA-III SLMGeography
523 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBSC2L-3 SLMGeography
524 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBSC3L-3 SLMGeography
525 GE-08/Geography of IndiaBSC-III SLMGeography
526 GE-09/Practical GeographyBAA(GE) SLMGeography
527 GE-09/Practical GeographyBScA(GE) SLMGeography
528 GE-09/Practical GeographyBA2L-3 SLMGeography
529 GE-09/Practical GeographyBA3L-3 SLMGeography
530 GE-09/Practical GeographyBA-III SLMGeography
531 GE-09/Practical GeographyBSC2L-3 SLMGeography
532 GE-09/Practical GeographyBSC3L-3 SLMGeography
533 GE-09/Practical GeographyBSC-III SLMGeography
534 GP-01/Mahatma Gandhi : His Life and WorkBAA(GP) SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
535 GP-01/Mahatma Gandhi : His Life and WorkBA-I SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
536 GP-02/Peace StudiesBAA(GP) SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
537 GP-02/Peace StudiesBA-I SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
538 GP-03/Gandhian ThoughtBAA(GP) SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
539 GP-03/Gandhian ThoughtBA2L-2 SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
540 GP-03/Gandhian ThoughtBA-II SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
541 GP-04/Peace Movements, Peace Approaches and Peace ProcessBAA(GP) SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
542 GP-04/Peace Movements, Peace Approaches and Peace ProcessBA2L-2 SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
543 GP-04/Peace Movements, Peace Approaches and Peace ProcessBA-II SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
544 GP-05/Gandhi and Other ThinkersBAA(GP) SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
545 GP-05/Gandhi and Other ThinkersBA2L-3 SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
546 GP-05/Gandhi and Other ThinkersBA3L-3 SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
547 GP-05/Gandhi and Other ThinkersBA-III SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
548 GP-06/Gandhi and Contemporary WorldBAA(GP) SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
549 GP-06/Gandhi and Contemporary WorldBA2L-3 SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
550 GP-06/Gandhi and Contemporary WorldBA3L-3 SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
551 GP-06/Gandhi and Contemporary WorldBA-III SLMGandhi and Peace Studies
552 HD-01/Prachin evam Madhyakalin KayvaBAA(HD) SLMHindi Literature
553 HD-01/Prachin evam Madhyakalin KayvaBA-I SLMHindi Literature
554 HD-02/Katha SahityaBAA(HD) SLMHindi Literature
555 HD-02/Katha SahityaBA-I SLMHindi Literature
556 HD-03/Hindi Gadh Bhag-II (Natak evam Anya Gadhya Vidhayen)BAA(HD) SLMHindi Literature
557 HD-03/Hindi Gadh Bhag-II (Natak evam Anya Gadhya Vidhayen)BA2L-2 SLMHindi Literature
558 HD-03/Hindi Gadh Bhag-II (Natak evam Anya Gadhya Vidhayen)BA-II SLMHindi Literature
559 HD-04/Hindi Sahitya ki ItihaasBAA(HD) SLMHindi Literature
560 HD-04/Hindi Sahitya ki ItihaasBA2L-2 SLMHindi Literature
561 HD-04/Hindi Sahitya ki ItihaasBA-II SLMHindi Literature
562 HD-05/Adhunik KavyaBAA(HD) SLMHindi Literature
563 HD-05/Adhunik KavyaBA2L-3 SLMHindi Literature
564 HD-05/Adhunik KavyaBA3L-3 SLMHindi Literature
565 HD-05/Adhunik KavyaBA-III SLMHindi Literature
566 HD-06/Hindi Bhasa evam Prayojan Moolak HindiBAA(HD) SLMHindi Literature
567 HD-06/Hindi Bhasa evam Prayojan Moolak HindiBA2L-3 SLMHindi Literature
568 HD-06/Hindi Bhasa evam Prayojan Moolak HindiBA3L-3 SLMHindi Literature
569 HD-06/Hindi Bhasa evam Prayojan Moolak HindiBA-III SLMHindi Literature
570 HI-01/History of India (Earliest Time to 1200 AD)BAA(HI) SLMHistory
571 HI-01/History of India (Earliest Time to 1200 AD)BA-I SLMHistory
572 HI-02/History of Rajasthan (Earliest Time to 1956 AD)BAA(HI) SLMHistory
573 HI-02/History of Rajasthan (Earliest Time to 1956 AD)BA-I SLMHistory
574 HI-03/History of India (1200-1740 AD)BAA(HI) SLMHistory
575 HI-03/History of India (1200-1740 AD)BA2L-2 SLMHistory
576 HI-03/History of India (1200-1740 AD)BA-II SLMHistory
577 HI-04/History of India (1740-1947 AD)BAA(HI) SLMHistory
578 HI-04/History of India (1740-1947 AD)BA2L-2 SLMHistory
579 HI-04/History of India (1740-1947 AD)BA-II SLMHistory
580 HI-05/Contemporary India (1947-2000 AD)BAA(HI) SLMHistory
581 HI-05/Contemporary India (1947-2000 AD)BA2L-3 SLMHistory
582 HI-05/Contemporary India (1947-2000 AD)BA3L-3 SLMHistory
583 HI-05/Contemporary India (1947-2000 AD)BA-III SLMHistory
584 HI-06/History of Modern World (1453-1950 AD)BAA(HI) SLMHistory
585 HI-06/History of Modern World (1453-1950 AD)BA2L-3 SLMHistory
586 HI-06/History of Modern World (1453-1950 AD)BA3L-3 SLMHistory
587 HI-06/History of Modern World (1453-1950 AD)BA-III SLMHistory
588 HM-01/Anatomy and PhysiologyBA-I SLMHome Science
589 HM-02/Textile and Clothing CareBA-I SLMHome Science
590 HM-03/PracticalBA-I SLMHome Science
591 HM-07/Communication ManagementBA2L-3 SLMHome Science
592 HM-07/Communication ManagementBA3L-3 SLMHome Science
593 HM-07/Communication ManagementBA-III SLMHome Science
594 HM-08/Management of Family ResourceBA2L-3 SLMHome Science
595 HM-08/Management of Family ResourceBA3L-3 SLMHome Science
596 HM-08/Management of Family ResourceBA-III SLMHome Science
597 HM-09/PracticalBA2L-3 SLMHome Science
598 HM-09/PracticalBA3L-3 SLMHome Science
599 HM-09/PracticalBA-III SLMHome Science
600 IGE/Introduction of General EnglishBAP SLMNot Applicable
601 IGE/Introduction of General EnglishBCP SLMNot Applicable
602 IGE/Introduction of General EnglishBSCP SLMNot Applicable
603 IGH/Introduction of General HindiBAP SLMNot Applicable
604 ISS/Introduction of Social ScienceBAP SLMNot Applicable
605 JM-01/Computer Application and Cyber MediaBAA(JM) SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
606 JM-01/Computer Application and Cyber MediaBA-I SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
607 JM-02/Communication and Development CommunicationBAA(JM) SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
608 JM-02/Communication and Development CommunicationBA-I SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
609 JM-03/History of Mass Communication MediaBAA(JM) SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
610 JM-03/History of Mass Communication MediaBA2L-2 SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
611 JM-03/History of Mass Communication MediaBA-II SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
612 JM-04/Media WritingBAA(JM) SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
613 JM-04/Media WritingBA2L-2 SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
614 JM-04/Media WritingBA-II SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
615 JM-05/Public Relation and AdvertisingBAA(JM) SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
616 JM-05/Public Relation and AdvertisingBA2L-3 SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
617 JM-05/Public Relation and AdvertisingBA3L-3 SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
618 JM-05/Public Relation and AdvertisingBA-III SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
619 JM-06/Editing, Layout and PrintingBAA(JM) SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
620 JM-06/Editing, Layout and PrintingBA2L-3 SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
621 JM-06/Editing, Layout and PrintingBA3L-3 SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
622 JM-06/Editing, Layout and PrintingBA-III SLMJournalism and Mass Communication
623 MAEC-01/Economic Theory-IMAEC-P SLMNot Applicable
624 MAEC-02/Economic Theory-IIMAEC-P SLMNot Applicable
625 MAEC-03/Public EconomicsMAEC-P SLMNot Applicable
626 MAEC-04/Quantitative MethodsMAEC-P SLM SLM Not Applicable
627 MAEC-05/International EconomicsMAEC-F SLMNot Applicable
628 MAEC-05/International EconomicsMAECL-F SLMNot Applicable
629 MAEC-06/Development of Indian EconomyMAEC-F SLMNot Applicable
630 MAEC-06/Development of Indian EconomyMAECL-F SLMNot Applicable
631 MAEC-07/Labour EconomicsMAEC-F SLMNot Applicable
632 MAEC-07/Labour EconomicsMAECL-F SLMNot Applicable
633 MAEC-08/Regional Economic Development & PlanningMAEC-F SLMNot Applicable
634 MAEC-08/Regional Economic Development & PlanningMAECL-F SLMNot Applicable
635 MAED-01/Philosophical & Sociological Bases of EducationMAED-P SLMNot Applicable
636 MAED-02/Psychological Bases of EducationMAED-P SLMNot Applicable
637 MAED-03/Research Methods in EducationMAED-P SLMNot Applicable
638 MAED-04/Education TechnologyMAED-P SLMNot Applicable
639 MAED-05/Computer EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
640 MAED-05/Computer EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
641 MAED-06/Distance EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
642 MAED-06/Distance EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
643 MAED-07/Comparative EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
644 MAED-07/Comparative EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
645 MAED-08/Measurement and EvaluationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
646 MAED-08/Measurement and EvaluationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
647 MAED-09/Educational ManagementMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
648 MAED-09/Educational ManagementMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
649 MAED-10/Guidance and CounsellingMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
650 MAED-10/Guidance and CounsellingMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
651 MAED-11/Curriculam DevelopmentMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
652 MAED-11/Curriculam DevelopmentMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
653 MAED-12/Women EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
654 MAED-12/Women EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
655 MAED-14/Elementry EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
656 MAED-14/Elementry EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
657 MAED-15/Secondary EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
658 MAED-15/Secondary EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
659 MAED-17/Teacher EducationMAED-F SLMNot Applicable
660 MAED-17/Teacher EducationMAEDL-F SLMNot Applicable
661 MAEG-01/English Language Usage and Communication SkillsMAEG-P SLMNot Applicable
662 MAEG-02/Renaissance to Jacobean AgeMAEG-P SLMNot Applicable
663 MAEG-03/Caroline to Reformation AgeMAEG-P SLMNot Applicable
664 MAEG-04/The Romantic AgeMAEG-P SLMNot Applicable
665 MAEG-05/Principles of CriticismMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
666 MAEG-06/Victorian AgeMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
667 MAEG-07/Twentieth CenturyMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
668 MAEG-08/Indian Writing in English and in TranslationMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
669 MAEG-09/Post Colonial LiteratureMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
670 MAEG-10/American LiteratureMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
671 MAEG-11/Canadian LiteratureMAEG-F SLMNot Applicable
672 MAGE-01/Evolution of Geographical ThoughtMAGE-P SLMNot Applicable
673 MAGE-02/Physical GeographyMAGE-P SLMNot Applicable
674 MAGE-03/Principles of Econimic GeographyMAGE-P SLMNot Applicable
675 MAGE-04/Geography of EnvironmentMAGE-P SLMNot Applicable
676 MAGE-05/Practical GeographyMAGE-P SLMNot Applicable
677 MAGE-06/Advanced Geography of IndiaMAGE-F SLMNot Applicable
678 MAGE-06/Advanced Geography of IndiaMAGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
679 MAGE-07/Geography of AgricultureMAGE-F SLMNot Applicable
680 MAGE-07/Geography of AgricultureMAGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
681 MAGE-08/Political GeographyMAGE-F SLMNot Applicable
682 MAGE-08/Political GeographyMAGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
683 MAGE-09/Urban GeographyMAGE-F SLMNot Applicable
684 MAGE-09/Urban GeographyMAGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
685 MAGE-10/Practical GeographyMAGE-F SLMNot Applicable
686 MAGE-10/Practical GeographyMAGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
687 MAGP-01/From Mohandas to Mahatma Gandhi MAGP-P SLMNot Applicable
688 MAGP-01/From Mohandas to Mahatma GandhiMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
689 MAGP-01/From Mohandas to Mahatma GandhiMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
690 MAGP-06/Political Thought of Mahatma GandhiMAGP-F SLMNot Applicable
691 MAGP-06/Political Thought of Mahatma GandhiMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
692 MAGP-06/Political Thought of Mahatma GandhiMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
693 MAGP-07/Gandhian Ideas and Practices after GandhiMAGP-F SLMNot Applicable
694 MAGP-07/Gandhian Ideas and Practices after GandhiMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
695 MAGP-07/Gandhian Ideas and Practices after GandhiMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
696 MAGP-08/Gandhi and Contemporary ProblemsMAGP-F SLMNot Applicable
697 MAGP-08/Gandhi and Contemporary ProblemsMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
698 MAGP-08/Gandhi and Contemporary ProblemsMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
699 MAHD-01/Prachin evam Madhya Kaleen KavyaMAHD-P SLM SLM Not Applicable
700 MAHD-02/Adhunik KavyaMAHD-P SLM SLM Not Applicable
701 MAHD-03/Hindi Sahitya ka ItihaasMAHD-P SLMNot Applicable
702 MAHD-04/Kavya Shastra va SamalochnaMAHD-P SLMNot Applicable
703 MAHD-05/Natak aur Kathetar Gadhya VidhayeinMAHD-F SLMNot Applicable
704 MAHD-05/Natak aur Kathetar Gadhya VidhayeinMAHDL-F SLMNot Applicable
705 MAHD-06/Katha SathiyaMAHD-F SLMNot Applicable
706 MAHD-06/Katha SathiyaMAHDL-F SLMNot Applicable
707 MAHD-07/Bhasha VigyanMAHD-F SLMNot Applicable
708 MAHD-07/Bhasha VigyanMAHDL-F SLMNot Applicable
709 MAHD-08/Aadhunik Hindi Kavita aur Geet ParamparaMAHD-F SLMNot Applicable
710 MAHD-08/Aadhunik Hindi Kavita aur Geet ParamparaMAHDL-F SLMNot Applicable
711 MAHD-09/Lok SahityaMAHD-F SLMNot Applicable
712 MAHD-09/Lok SahityaMAHDL-F SLMNot Applicable
713 MAHD-10/Jansanchar aur Madhyam PatrkaritaMAHD-F SLMNot Applicable
714 MAHD-10/Jansanchar aur Madhyam PatrkaritaMAHDL-F SLMNot Applicable
715 MAHI-01/World History (Medieval Society and Era of Revolution)MAHI-P SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
716 MAHI-02/World History (1815-1918) (Nationalism, Capitalism and Socialism)MAHI-P SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
717 MAHI-03/History of Modern World - (1919-1945) (War and Industrial Society)MAHI-P SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
718 MAHI-04/Historical ThoughtMAHI-P SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
719 MAHI-05/State and Polity in Ancient IndiaMAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
720 MAHI-05/State and Polity in Ancient IndiaMAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
721 MAHI-06/Trade and Urbanisation in Ancient IndiaMAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
722 MAHI-06/Trade and Urbanisation in Ancient IndiaMAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
723 MAHI-09/Bhakti Movement and Sufism in IndiaMAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
724 MAHI-09/Bhakti Movement and Sufism in IndiaMAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
725 MAHI-10/Growth of Administrative Institutions in Medieval IndiaMAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
726 MAHI-10/Growth of Administrative Institutions in Medieval IndiaMAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
727 MAHI-13/Peasant Movement in India (1818&1951)MAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
728 MAHI-13/Peasant Movement in India (1818&1951)MAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
729 MAHI-14/Freedom Movements in India (1920-1947)MAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
730 MAHI-14/Freedom Movements in India (1920-1947)MAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
731 MAHI-15/Society and Economy in Modern RajasthanMAHI-F SLMNot Applicable
732 MAHI-15/Society and Economy in Modern RajasthanMAHIL-F SLMNot Applicable
733 MAMT-01/Advanced Algebra MAMT-P SLMNot Applicable
734 MAMT-02/Real Analysis and TopologyMAMT-P SLMNot Applicable
735 MAMT-03/Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations & Special Functions MAMT-P SLMNot Applicable
736 MAMT-04/Differential Geometry and Tensors MAMT-P SLMNot Applicable
737 MAMT-05/MechanicsMAMT-P SLMNot Applicable
738 MAMT-06/Analysis and Advanced CalculusMAMT-F SLMNot Applicable
739 MAMT-06/Analysis and Advanced CalculusMAMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
740 MAMT-07/Viscous Fluid DynamicsMAMT-F SLMNot Applicable
741 MAMT-07/Viscous Fluid DynamicsMAMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
742 MAMT-08/Numerical Analysis MAMT-F SLMNot Applicable
743 MAMT-08/Numerical AnalysisMAMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
744 MAMT-09/Integral Transforms and Integral EquationsMAMT-F SLMNot Applicable
745 MAMT-09/Integral Transforms and Integral EquationsMAMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
746 MAMT-10/Mathematical ProgrammingMAMT-F SLMNot Applicable
747 MAMT-10/Mathematical ProgrammingMAMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
748 MAPA-01/Principles of Public AdministrationMAPA-P SLMNot Applicable
749 MAPA-02/Comparative Public AdministrationMAPA-P SLMNot Applicable
750 MAPA-03/Indian AdministrationMAPA-P SLMNot Applicable
751 MAPA-04/Personnel AdministrationMAPA-P SLMNot Applicable
752 MAPA-05/Administrative ThinkersMAPA-F SLMNot Applicable
753 MAPA-05/Administrative ThinkersMAPAL-F SLMNot Applicable
754 MAPA-06/Development AdministrationMAPA-F SLMNot Applicable
755 MAPA-06/Development AdministrationMAPAL-F SLMNot Applicable
756 MAPA-07/State Administration in the Special Context of RajasthanMAPA-F SLMNot Applicable
757 MAPA-07/State Administration in the Special Context of RajasthanMAPAL-F SLMNot Applicable
758 MAPA-08/Public PolicyMAPA-F SLMNot Applicable
759 MAPA-08/Public PolicyMAPAL-F SLMNot Applicable
760 MAPS-01/Political ThoughtMAPS-P SLMNot Applicable
761 MAPS-02/Comparative PoliticsMAPS-P SLMNot Applicable
762 MAPS-03/International PoliticsMAPS-P SLMNot Applicable
763 MAPS-04/Indian Politics-IMAPS-P SLMNot Applicable
764 MAPS-05/Advanced Political TheoryMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
765 MAPS-05/Advanced Political TheoryMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
766 MAPS-06/Indian Politics-IIMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
767 MAPS-06/Indian Politics-IIMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
768 MAPS-07/Comparative Foreign Policy Studies with Special Reference to IndiaMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
769 MAPS-07/Comparative Foreign Policy Studies with Special Reference to IndiaMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
770 MAPS-08/Public PolicyMAPS-F SLMNot Applicable
771 MAPS-08/Public PolicyMAPSL-F SLMNot Applicable
772 MAPST-01/Policing : Theory and PracticeMAPST-P SLMNot Applicable
773 MAPST-02/Legal Perspective on PoliceMAPST-P SLMNot Applicable
774 MAPST-03/Criminology : The Police PerspectivesMAPST-P SLMNot Applicable
775 MAPST-04/Policing in DemocracyMAPST-P SLMNot Applicable
776 MAPST-05/Police and SecurityMAPST-F SLMNot Applicable
777 MAPST-05/Police and SecurityMAPSTL-F SLMNot Applicable
778 MAPST-06/Police and TechnologyMAPST-F SLMNot Applicable
779 MAPST-06/Police and TechnologyMAPSTL-F SLMNot Applicable
780 MAPST-07/Police and ManagementMAPST-F SLMNot Applicable
781 MAPST-07/Police and ManagementMAPSTL-F SLMNot Applicable
782 MAPST-08/Police - Conflict ResolutionMAPST-F SLMNot Applicable
783 MAPST-08/Police - Conflict ResolutionMAPSTL-F SLMNot Applicable
784 MAPSY-01/Psychological Research MethodsMAPSY-P SLMNot Applicable
785 MAPSY-02/Statistics and Psychological MeasurementMAPSY-P SLMNot Applicable
786 MAPSY-03/Cognitive Psychological : Basic ProcessesMAPSY-P SLMNot Applicable
787 MAPSY-04/Social and Cultural PsychologyMAPSY-P SLMNot Applicable
788 MAPSY-05/Practical PsychologyMAPSY-P SLMNot Applicable
789 MAPSY-06/Personality : Theories and AssessmentMAPSY-F SLMNot Applicable
790 MAPSY-06/Personality : Theories and AssessmentMAPSYL-F SLMNot Applicable
791 MAPSY-07/Clinical PsychologyMAPSY-F SLMNot Applicable
792 MAPSY-07/Clinical PsychologyMAPSYL-F SLMNot Applicable
793 MAPSY-08/Developmental PsychologyMAPSY-F SLMNot Applicable
794 MAPSY-08/Developmental PsychologyMAPSYL-F SLMNot Applicable
795 MAPSY-09/Guidance and Counselling PsychologyMAPSY-F SLMNot Applicable
796 MAPSY-09/Guidance and Counselling PsychologyMAPSYL-F SLMNot Applicable
797 MAPSY-10/PracticalMAPSYL-F SLMNot Applicable
798 MAPSY-10/Practical PsychologyMAPSY-F SLMNot Applicable
799 MARJ-01/Adhunik Rajasthani Gadhya SahityaMARJ-P SLMNot Applicable
800 MARJ-02/Adhunik Rajasthani Padhya SahityaMARJ-P SLMNot Applicable
801 MARJ-03/Rajasthani Sahitya ro ItihaasMARJ-P SLMNot Applicable
802 MARJ-04/Rajasthani Lok SahityaMARJ-P SLMNot Applicable
803 MARJ-05/Prachin arr Madhyakailen Rajasthani KavyaMARJ-F SLMNot Applicable
804 MARJ-05/Prachin arr Madhyakailen Rajasthani KavyaMARJL-F SLMNot Applicable
805 MARJ-06/Prachin arr Madhyakailen Rajasthani GadyaMARJ-F SLMNot Applicable
806 MARJ-06/Prachin arr Madhyakailen Rajasthani GadyaMARJL-F SLMNot Applicable
807 MARJ-07/Sathiyashashtra arr PathalochanMARJ-F SLMNot Applicable
808 MARJ-07/Sathiyashashtra arr PathalochanMARJL-F SLMNot Applicable
809 MARJ-08/Rajasthani Bhakti SahityaMARJ-F SLMNot Applicable
810 MARJ-08/Rajasthani Bhakti SahityaMARJL-F SLMNot Applicable
811 MASA-01/Vaidik Sahitya evam Tulnatmak Bhasa VigyanMASA-P SLMNot Applicable
812 MASA-02/Lalit Sahitya evam NatakMASA-P SLMNot Applicable
813 MASA-03/Bhartiya DarshanMASA-P SLMNot Applicable
814 MASA-04/Bhartiya Kavyashastra evam VyakaranMASA-P SLMNot Applicable
815 MASA-05/Gadya thatha KavyaMASA-F SLMNot Applicable
816 MASA-05/Gadya thatha KavyaMASAL-F SLMNot Applicable
817 MASA-06/Natak thatha NatakshashtraMASA-F SLMNot Applicable
818 MASA-06/Natak thatha NatakshashtraMASAL-F SLMNot Applicable
819 MASA-07/SathiyashashtraMASA-F SLMNot Applicable
820 MASA-07/SathiyashashtraMASAL-F SLMNot Applicable
821 MASA-08/Aadhunik Sanskrit Sathiya ka ItihaasMASA-F SLMNot Applicable
822 MASA-08/Aadhunik Sanskrit Sathiya ka ItihaasMASAL-F SLMNot Applicable
823 MASO-01/Foundation of SociologyMASO-P SLMNot Applicable
824 MASO-02/Logic of Sociological EnquiryMASO-P SLMNot Applicable
825 MASO-03/Indian Social SystemMASO-P SLMNot Applicable
826 MASO-04/Rural SociologyMASO-P SLMNot Applicable
827 MASO-05/Contemporary Sociological TheoryMASO-F SLMNot Applicable
828 MASO-05/Contemporary Sociological TheoryMASOL-F SLMNot Applicable
829 MASO-06/Sociological ThinkersMASO-F SLMNot Applicable
830 MASO-06/Sociological ThinkersMASOL-F SLMNot Applicable
831 MASO-07/Development of Sociology in IndiaMASO-F SLMNot Applicable
832 MASO-07/Development of Sociology in IndiaMASOL-F SLMNot Applicable
833 MASO-08/CriminologyMASO-F SLMNot Applicable
834 MASO-08/CriminologyMASOL-F SLMNot Applicable
835 MBO-01/Biology and Diversity of Microbes and Non-Vascular CryptogamsMBO-P SLMNot Applicable
836 MBO-02/Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and PaleobotanyMBO-P SLMNot Applicable
837 MBO-03/Cell Biology, Genetics, Biostatistics & Computational BiologyMBO-P SLMNot Applicable
838 MBO-04/Plant Physiology & MetabolismMBO-P SLMNot Applicable
839 MBO-05/Practical Botany IMBO-P SLMNot Applicable
840 MBO-06/Biosystematics of Angiosperms, Plant Development and ReproductionMBO-F SLMNot Applicable
841 MBO-06/Biosystematics of Angiosperms, Plant Development and ReproductionMBOL-F SLMNot Applicable
842 MBO-07/Plant Ecology, Plant Resource Utilization and Biodiversity ConservationMBO-F SLMNot Applicable
843 MBO-07/Plant Ecology, Plant Resource Utilization and Biodiversity ConservationMBOL-F SLMNot Applicable
844 MBO-08/Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering of PlantsMBO-F SLMNot Applicable
845 MBO-08/Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering of PlantsMBOL-F SLMNot Applicable
846 MBO-09/Plant PathologyMBO-F SLMNot Applicable
847 MBO-09/Plant PathologyMBOL-F SLMNot Applicable
848 MBO-10/Practical Botany IIMBO-F SLMNot Applicable
849 MBO-10/Practical Botany IIMBOL-F SLMNot Applicable
850 MCA-01/Computer Fundamentals and PC SoftwareMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
851 MCA-02/Digital LogicMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
852 MCA-03/Computer Programming using CMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
853 MCA-04/Communicative EnglishMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
854 MCA-04/Fundamentals of Networking and Web TechnologyMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
855 MCA-05/Computer Organization & ArchitectureMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
856 MCA-06/Data Structure through C LanguageMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
857 MCA-06/Object-Oriented Programming through C++MCA-I SLMNot Applicable
858 MCA-07/Data Structure through C LanguageMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
859 MCA-07/Fundamentals of Database Management SystemMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
860 MCA-09/Discrete MathematicsMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
861 MCA-09/Discrete MathematicsMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
862 MCA-10/Object-Oriented Programming through C++MCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
863 MCA-10/Object-Oriented Programming through C++MCA-II SLMNot Applicable
864 MCA-10/Object-Oriented Programming through C++ PART-IIMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
865 MCA-101/Computer Fundamental and System SoftwareMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
866 MCA-102/Application Software & Web DesigningMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
867 MCA-102/Application Software & Web DesigningMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
868 MCA-103/OOPS Programming with C++ and JavaMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
869 MCA-103/OOPS Programming with C++ and JavaMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
870 MCA-104/Programming in VB and Dot NetMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
871 MCA-104/Programming in VB and Dot NetMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
872 MCA-105/Computer Networking & Network & InternetMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
873 MCA-105/Computer Networking & Network & InternetMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
874 MCA-105/Computer Networking & Network & InternetMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
875 MCA-11/Operating SystemMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
876 MCA-11/Operating SystemMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
877 MCA-12/Design and Analysis of AlgorithmMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
878 MCA-12/Design and Analysis of AlgorithmMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
879 MCA-13/Advanced Database Management SystemMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
880 MCA-13/Advanced Database Management SystemMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
881 MCA-14/Management AccountingMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
882 MCA-14/Management AccountingMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
883 MCA-15/System ProgrammingMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
884 MCA-15/System ProgrammingMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
885 MCA-16/Programming in JavaMCA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
886 MCA-16/Programming in JavaMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
887 MCA-17/Software EngineeringMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
888 MCA-17/Software EngineeringMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
889 MCA-18/Formal Languages and AutomataMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
890 MCA-18/Formal Languages and AutomataMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
891 MCA-19/Data Communication and Computer NetworksMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
892 MCA-19/Data Communication and Computer NetworksMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
893 MCA-20/Advanced Web TechnologyMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
894 MCA-20/Advanced Web TechnologyMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
895 MCA-201/Data Structure and AlgorithmMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
896 MCA-201/Data Structure and AlgorithmMCAQ-II SLMNot Applicable
897 MCA-202/Computer Architecture & MicroprocessorsMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
898 MCA-202/Computer Architecture & MicroprocessorsMCAQ-II SLMNot Applicable
899 MCA-203/Software EngineeringMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
900 MCA-203/Software EngineeringMCAQ-II SLMNot Applicable
901 MCA-205/Data Communication and NetworksMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
902 MCA-205/Data Communication and NetworksMCAQ-II SLMNot Applicable
903 MCA-21/Linux System AdministrationMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
904 MCA-21/Linux System AdministrationMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
905 MCA-23/Electronic CommerceMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
906 MCA-23/Electronic CommerceMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
907 MCA-301/Computer GraphicsMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
908 MCA-301/Computer GraphicsMCA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
909 MCA-301/Computer GraphicsMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
910 MCA-301/Computer GraphicsMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
911 MCA-301/Computer GraphicsMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
912 MCA-302/Formal Language and AutomataMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
913 MCA-302/Formal Language and AutomataMCA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
914 MCA-302/Formal Language and AutomataMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
915 MCA-302/Formal Language and AutomataMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
916 MCA-302/Formal Language and AutomataMCAQ-II SLMNot Applicable
917 MCA-303/E-CommerceMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
918 MCA-303/E-CommerceMCA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
919 MCA-303/E-CommerceMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
920 MCA-303/E-CommerceMCA-II SLMNot Applicable
921 MCA-303/E-CommerceMCAQ-II SLMNot Applicable
922 MCA-304/Advance Web TechnologyMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
923 MCA-304/Advance Web TechnologyMCA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
924 MCA-304/Advance Web TechnologyMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
925 MCA-304/Advance Web TechnologyMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
926 MCA-304/Advance Web TechnologyMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
927 MCA-305/Linux System AdministrationMCA2L-3 SLMNot Applicable
928 MCA-305/Linux System AdministrationMCA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
929 MCA-305/Linux System AdministrationMCA-III SLMNot Applicable
930 MCA-305/Linux System AdministrationMCA-I SLMNot Applicable
931 MCA-305/Linux System AdministrationMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
932 MCOM-01/Organization and Management MCOM-P SLMNot Applicable
933 MCOM-02/Business Environment MCOM-P SLMNot Applicable
934 MCOM-03/Financial and Corporate Accounting MCOM-P SLMNot Applicable
935 MCOM-04/Financial ManagementMCOM-P SLMNot Applicable
936 MCOM-05/Research MethodologyMCOM-F SLMNot Applicable
937 MCOM-05/Research MethodologyMCOML-F SLMNot Applicable
938 MCOM-06/Managerial EconomicsMCOM-F SLMNot Applicable
939 MCOM-06/Managerial EconomicsMCOML-F SLMNot Applicable
940 MCOM-07/International BusinessMCOM-F SLMNot Applicable
941 MCOM-07/International BusinessMCOML-F SLMNot Applicable
942 MCOM-08/Cost and Management AccountingMCOM-F SLMNot Applicable
943 MCOM-08/Cost and Management AccountingMCOML-F SLMNot Applicable
944 MCOM-09/Cost and Management AuditMCOM-F SLMNot Applicable
945 MCOM-09/Cost and Management AuditMCOML-F SLMNot Applicable
946 MJ-01/Writing for Mass MediaMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
947 MJ-02/Feature Writing and Magzine EditingMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
948 MJ-03/Mass Communication Research MethodologyMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
949 MJ-04/Principal of Mass CommunicationMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
950 MJ-05/Developmental CommunicationMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
951 MJ-06/Audio-Visual Communication TechnologyMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
952 MJ-07/Printing, Publishing and Mass Communication ManagementMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
953 MJ-101/Writing for Mass MediaMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
954 MJ-102/Feature Writing and Magazine EditingMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
955 MJ-103/Mass Communication Research MethodologyMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
956 MJ-104/Principles of Mass CommunicationMJ SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
957 MJ-105/Visheshikrat Patrakarita avam SamajMJ SLMNot Applicable
958 MJ-106/New Media ProductionMJ SLMNot Applicable
959 MJ-107/New Media avam SamajMJ SLMNot Applicable
960 MJMC-01/Writing for Mass MediaMJMC-P SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
961 MJMC-02/Feature Writing and Magzine EditingMJMC-P SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
962 MJMC-03/Mass Communication Research MethodologyMJMC-P SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
963 MJMC-04/Principal of Mass CommunicationMJMC-P SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
964 MJMC-05/The World PressMJMC-F SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
965 MJMC-06/Audio-Visual Communication TechnologyMJMC-F SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
966 MJMC-07/Developmental CommunicationMJMC-F SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
967 MJMC-08/Rural and Environment JournalismMJMC-F SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
968 MJMC-09/Printing, Publishing and Mass Communication ManagementMJMC-F SLM SLM SLM SLM SLM Not Applicable
969 MLIS-01/Library, Information and SocietyMLIS SLMNot Applicable
970 MLIS-02/Organisation of Knowledge and Research Methodology MLIS SLMNot Applicable
971 MLIS-03/Information Storage and Retrieval MLIS SLMNot Applicable
972 MLIS-04/Information Sources, Resources and SystemsMLIS SLMNot Applicable
973 MLIS-05/Information Products and Services: Design, Development and MarketingMLIS SLMNot Applicable
974 MLIS-06/Library and Information Centres Management MLIS SLMNot Applicable
975 MLIS-07/Application of Information Communication Technology in Libraries MLIS SLMNot Applicable
976 MLIS-08/Preservation and Conservation of Library Material MLIS SLMNot Applicable
977 MLIS-09/Academic Library SystemMLIS SLMNot Applicable
978 MP-100/DissertationMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
979 MP-101/Management and Organizational BehaviourMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
980 MP-102/Managerial EconomicsMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
981 MP-103/Accounting for ManagersMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
982 MP-104/Fundamentals of Information TechnologyMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
983 MP-105/Business EthicsMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
984 MP-106/Marketing ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
985 MP-107/Financial ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
986 MP-108/Human Resource ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
987 MP-109/Operations ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
988 MP-110/Entrepreneurship & Small Business ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
989 MP-111/Global Business ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
990 MP-201/Business EnvironmentMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
991 MP-202/Financial ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
992 MP-202/Research MethodologyMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
993 MP-203/Human Resource ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
994 MP-203/Management Information SystemMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
995 MP-204/Operations ManagementMBA-I SLMNot Applicable
996 MP-204/Quantitative TechniquesMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
997 MP-205/Strategic ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
998 MP-401/Human Resource DevelopmentMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
999 MP-402/Organizational Development & TrainingMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1000 MP-403/Entrepreneurship & Small Business ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1001 MP-403/Performance Management & Compensation PlanningMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1002 MP-404/Global Business ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1003 MP-404/Indian Labour legislationMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1004 MP-405/Collective Bargaining & Negotiation SkillsMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1005 MP-501/Security Analysis & Portfolio Management MBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1006 MP-502/Financial ServicesMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1007 MP-503/Capital Market & SEBI RegulationsMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1008 MP-504/International Financial ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1009 MP-505/Project ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1010 MP-601/Consumer Behaviour & Marketing ResearchMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1011 MP-602/Retail ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1012 MP-603/Product & Brand managementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1013 MP-604/Advertising & Sales PromotionMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1014 MP-605/Sales & Logistics ManagementMBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1015 MPH-01/Classical Mechanics and Statistical PhysicsMPH-P SLMNot Applicable
1016 MPH-02/Mathematical Physics and Numerical AnalysisMPH-P SLMNot Applicable
1017 MPH-03/Quantum MechanicsMPH-P SLMNot Applicable
1018 MPH-04/Classical Electrodynamics and Special Theory of RelativityMPH-P SLMNot Applicable
1019 MPH-05/Physics Lab-IMPH-P SLMNot Applicable
1020 MPH-06/Applied ElectronicsMPH-F SLMNot Applicable
1021 MPH-06/Applied ElectronicsMPHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1022 MPH-07/Solid State PhysicsMPH-F SLMNot Applicable
1023 MPH-07/Solid State PhysicsMPHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1024 MPH-08/Nuclear Physics, Atomic and Molecular SpectroscopyMPH-F SLMNot Applicable
1025 MPH-08/Nuclear Physics, Atomic and Molecular SpectroscopyMPHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1026 MPH-09/Plasma Physics and LasersMPH-F SLMNot Applicable
1027 MPH-09/Plasma Physics and LasersMPHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1028 MPH-10/Physics Lab-IIMPH-F SLMNot Applicable
1029 MPH-10/Physics Lab-IIMPHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1030 MSCCH-01/Inorganic ChemistryMSCCH-P SLMNot Applicable
1031 MSCCH-02/Organic ChemistryMSCCH-P SLMNot Applicable
1032 MSCCH-03/Physical ChemistryMSCCH-P SLMNot Applicable
1033 MSCCH-04/Spectroscopy, Computers and Mathematics*/ Biology**MSCCH-P SLMNot Applicable
1034 MSCCH-05/Practical Chemistry IMSCCH-P SLMNot Applicable
1035 MSCCH-06/Reaction Mechanisms, Paricyclic Reactions, Organic Photochemistry, StereochemistryMSCCH-F SLMNot Applicable
1036 MSCCH-06/Reaction Mechanisms, Paricyclic Reactions, Organic Photochemistry, StereochemistryMSCCHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1037 MSCCH-07/Synthetic Organic ChemistryMSCCH-F SLMNot Applicable
1038 MSCCH-07/Synthetic Organic ChemistryMSCCHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1039 MSCCH-08/Natural Products, Heterocycles, Biogenesis and SpectroscopyMSCCH-F SLMNot Applicable
1040 MSCCH-08/Natural Products, Heterocycles, Biogenesis and SpectroscopyMSCCHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1041 MSCCH-09/Drugs and PharmaceuticalsMSCCH-F SLMNot Applicable
1042 MSCCH-09/Drugs and PharmaceuticalsMSCCHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1043 MSCCH-10/Practical Chemistry IIMSCCH-F SLMNot Applicable
1044 MSCCH-10/Practical Chemistry IIMSCCHL-F SLMNot Applicable
1045 MSCCS-01/Computer Fundamental and System SoftwareMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1046 MSCCS-02/Application Software and Web DesigningMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1047 MSCCS-03/OOPS Programming with C++ and JavaMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1048 MSCCS-04/Programming VB and Dot NetMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1049 MSCCS-05/Computer Networking & Network and InternetMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1050 MSCCS-101/Computer Fundamental and System SoftwareMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1051 MSCCS-102/Application Software & Web DesigningMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1052 MSCCS-103/OOPS Programming with C++ and JavaMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1053 MSCCS-104/Programming in VB and Dot NetMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1054 MSCCS-105/Computer Networking & Network & InternetMSCCS-P SLMNot Applicable
1055 MSCCSC-101/Computer Fundamental and System SoftwareMSCCSC-P SLMNot Applicable
1056 MSCCSC-102/Application Software & Web DesigningMSCCSC-P SLMNot Applicable
1057 MSCCSC-103/OOPS Programming with C++ and JavaMSCCSC-P SLMNot Applicable
1058 MSCCSC-104/Programming in VB and Dot NetMSCCSC-P SLMNot Applicable
1059 MSCCSC-105/Computer Networking & Network & InternetMSCCSC-P SLMNot Applicable
1060 MSCCSC-201/Data Structure and AlgorithmMSCCSC-F SLMNot Applicable
1061 MSCCSC-201/Data Structure and AlgorithmMSCCSCL-F SLMNot Applicable
1062 MSCCSC-202/Computer Architecture & MicroprocessorsMSCCSC-F SLMNot Applicable
1063 MSCCSC-202/Computer Architecture & MicroprocessorsMSCCSCL-F SLMNot Applicable
1064 MSCCSC-203/Software EngineeringMSCCSC-F SLMNot Applicable
1065 MSCCSC-203/Software EngineeringMSCCSCL-F SLMNot Applicable
1066 MSCCSC-204/Operating SystemMSCCSC-F SLMNot Applicable
1067 MSCCSC-204/Operating SystemMSCCSCL-F SLMNot Applicable
1068 MSCCSC-205/Data Communication and NetworksMSCCSC-F SLMNot Applicable
1069 MSCCSC-205/Data Communication and NetworksMSCCSCL-F SLMNot Applicable
1070 MSCGE-01/Evolution of Geographical ThoughtMSCGE-P SLMNot Applicable
1071 MSCGE-02/Physical GeographyMSCGE-P SLMNot Applicable
1072 MSCGE-03/Principles of Economic GeographyMSCGE-P SLMNot Applicable
1073 MSCGE-04/Geography of EnvironmentMSCGE-P SLMNot Applicable
1074 MSCGE-05/Practical GeographyMSCGE-P SLMNot Applicable
1075 MSCGE-06/Advanced Geography of IndiaMSCGE-F SLMNot Applicable
1076 MSCGE-06/Advanced Geography of IndiaMSCGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
1077 MSCGE-07/Geography of AgricultureMSCGE-F SLMNot Applicable
1078 MSCGE-07/Geography of AgricultureMSCGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
1079 MSCGE-08/Political GeographyMSCGE-F SLMNot Applicable
1080 MSCGE-08/Political GeographyMSCGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
1081 MSCGE-09/Urban GeographyMSCGE-F SLMNot Applicable
1082 MSCGE-09/Urban GeographyMSCGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
1083 MSCGE-10/Practical GeographyMSCGE-F SLMNot Applicable
1084 MSCGE-10/Practical GeographyMSCGEL-F SLMNot Applicable
1085 MSCMT-01/Advanced AlgebraMSCMT-P SLMNot Applicable
1086 MSCMT-02/Real Analysis and Topology MSCMT-P SLMNot Applicable
1087 MSCMT-03/Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations & Special Functions MSCMT-P SLMNot Applicable
1088 MSCMT-04/Differential Geometry and Tensors MSCMT-P SLMNot Applicable
1089 MSCMT-05/Mechanics MSCMT-P SLMNot Applicable
1090 MSCMT-06/Analysis and Advanced CalculusMSCMT-F SLMNot Applicable
1091 MSCMT-06/Analysis and Advanced CalculusMSCMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
1092 MSCMT-07/Viscous Fluid DynamicsMSCMT-F SLMNot Applicable
1093 MSCMT-07/Viscous Fluid DynamicsMSCMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
1094 MSCMT-08/Analysis and Advanced CalculusMSCMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
1095 MSCMT-08/Numerical AnalysisMSCMT-F SLMNot Applicable
1096 MSCMT-09/Integral Transforms and Integral EquationsMSCMT-F SLMNot Applicable
1097 MSCMT-09/Integral Transforms and Integral EquationsMSCMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
1098 MSCMT-10/Mathematical ProgrammingMSCMT-F SLMNot Applicable
1099 MSCMT-10/Mathematical ProgrammingMSCMTL-F SLMNot Applicable
1100 MSW-01/Social Work : History, Philosophy and ScopeMSW-P SLMNot Applicable
1101 MSW-02/Social Work With Individual and groupMSW-P SLMNot Applicable
1102 MSW-03/Social Work : Community and Social ActionMSW-P SLMNot Applicable
1103 MSW-04/Social Work Research and StatisticsMSW-P SLMNot Applicable
1104 MSW-05/Social Welfare Administration, Policy, Planning and developmentMSW-F SLMNot Applicable
1105 MSW-05/Social Welfare Administration, Policy, Planning and developmentMSWL-F SLMNot Applicable
1106 MSW-06/Society : Structure and ProblemsMSW-F SLMNot Applicable
1107 MSW-06/Society : Structure and ProblemsMSWL-F SLMNot Applicable
1108 MSW-07/Personality and Activities of human behaviourMSW-F SLMNot Applicable
1109 MSW-07/Personality and Activities of human behaviourMSWL-F SLMNot Applicable
1110 MSW-08/Social Work : Contemporary IssuesMSW-F SLMNot Applicable
1111 MSW-08/Social Work : Contemporary IssuesMSWL-F SLMNot Applicable
1112 MSW-09/Project WorkMSW-F SLMNot Applicable
1113 MSW-09/Project WorkMSWL-F SLMNot Applicable
1114 MT-01/Discrete MathematicsBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1115 MT-01/Discrete MathematicsBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1116 MT-01/Discrete MathematicsBA-I SLMMathematics
1117 MT-01/Discrete MathematicsBSC-I SLMMathematics
1118 MT-02/Calculas and Differential EquationsBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1119 MT-02/Calculas and Differential EquationsBA-I SLMMathematics
1120 MT-02/Calculus and Differential EquationsBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1121 MT-02/Calculus and Differential EquationsBSC-I SLMMathematics
1122 MT-03/Co-ordinate Geomatery and Mathematical ProgrammingBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1123 MT-03/Co-ordinate Geomatery and Mathematical ProgrammingBA-I SLMMathematics
1124 MT-03/Co-ordinate Geometry and Mathematical ProgrammingBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1125 MT-03/Co-ordinate Geometry and Mathematical ProgrammingBSC-I SLMMathematics
1126 MT-04/Real Analysis & Metric SpaceBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1127 MT-04/Real Analysis & Metric SpaceBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1128 MT-04/Real Analysis & Metric SpaceBA2L-2 SLMMathematics
1129 MT-04/Real Analysis & Metric SpaceBA-II SLMMathematics
1130 MT-04/Real Analysis & Metric SpaceBSC2L-2 SLMMathematics
1131 MT-04/Real Analysis & Metric SpaceBSC-II SLMMathematics
1132 MT-05/Differential EquationBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1133 MT-05/Differential EquationBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1134 MT-05/Differential EquationBA2L-2 SLMMathematics
1135 MT-05/Differential EquationBA-II SLMMathematics
1136 MT-05/Differential EquationBSC2L-2 SLMMathematics
1137 MT-05/Differential EquationBSC-II SLMMathematics
1138 MT-06/Numerical Analysis & Vector CalculusBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1139 MT-06/Numerical Analysis & Vector CalculusBSC2L-2 SLMMathematics
1140 MT-06/Numerical Analysis & Vector CalculusBSC-II SLMMathematics
1141 MT-06/Numerical Analysis and Vector CalculusBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1142 MT-06/Numerical Analysis and Vector CalculusBA2L-2 SLMMathematics
1143 MT-06/Numerical Analysis and Vector CalculusBA-II SLMMathematics
1144 MT-06/Numerical Analysis and Vector CalculusBSC-II SLMMathematics
1145 MT-07/AlgebraBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1146 MT-07/AlgebraBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1147 MT-07/AlgebraBA2L-3 SLMMathematics
1148 MT-07/AlgebraBA3L-3 SLMMathematics
1149 MT-07/AlgebraBA-III SLMMathematics
1150 MT-07/AlgebraBSC2L-3 SLMMathematics
1151 MT-07/AlgebraBSC3L-3 SLMMathematics
1152 MT-07/AlgebraBSC-III SLMMathematics
1153 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1154 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1155 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBA2L-3 SLMMathematics
1156 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBA3L-3 SLMMathematics
1157 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBA-III SLMMathematics
1158 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBSC2L-3 SLMMathematics
1159 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBSC3L-3 SLMMathematics
1160 MT-08/Complex AnalysisBSC-III SLMMathematics
1161 MT-09/MechanicsBAA(MT) SLMMathematics
1162 MT-09/MechanicsBScA(MT) SLMMathematics
1163 MT-09/MechanicsBA2L-3 SLMMathematics
1164 MT-09/MechanicsBA3L-3 SLMMathematics
1165 MT-09/MechanicsBA-III SLMMathematics
1166 MT-09/MechanicsBSC2L-3 SLMMathematics
1167 MT-09/MechanicsBSC3L-3 SLMMathematics
1168 MT-09/MechanicsBSC-III SLMMathematics
1169 MZO-01/Biosystematics, structure and functions of invertebratesMZO-P SLMNot Applicable
1170 MZO-02/Cell, molecular biology and BiotechnologyMZO-P SLMNot Applicable
1171 MZO-03/Biochemistry, physiology and immunologyMZO-P SLMNot Applicable
1172 MZO-04/Evolution, Bio-statistics and computer applications in zoologyMZO-P SLMNot Applicable
1173 MZO-05/Practical Zoology IMZO-P SLMNot Applicable
1174 MZO-06/Biology of Chordates,Genetics and MicrobiologyMZO-F SLMNot Applicable
1175 MZO-06/Biology of Chordates,Genetics and MicrobiologyMZOL-F SLMNot Applicable
1176 MZO-07/Ecology, Ethology and Developmental BiologyMZO-F SLMNot Applicable
1177 MZO-07/Ecology, Ethology and Developmental BiologyMZOL-F SLMNot Applicable
1178 MZO-08/Entomology IMZO-F SLMNot Applicable
1179 MZO-08/Entomology IMZOL-F SLMNot Applicable
1180 MZO-09/Entomology IIMZO-F SLMNot Applicable
1181 MZO-09/Entomology IIMZOL-F SLMNot Applicable
1182 MZO-10/Practical Zoology IIMZO-F SLMNot Applicable
1183 MZO-10/Practical Zoology IIMZOL-F SLMNot Applicable
1184 PA-01/Principles of Public AdministrationBAA(PA) SLMPublic Administration
1185 PA-01/Principles of Public AdministrationBA-I SLMPublic Administration
1186 PA-02/Public Administration in IndiaBAA(PA) SLMPublic Administration
1187 PA-02/Public Administration in IndiaBA-I SLMPublic Administration
1188 PA-03/Indian Administrative InstitutionsBAA(PA) SLMPublic Administration
1189 PA-03/Indian Administrative InstitutionsBA2L-2 SLMPublic Administration
1190 PA-03/Indian Administrative InstitutionsBA-II SLMPublic Administration
1191 PA-04/State Administration in IndiaBAA(PA) SLMPublic Administration
1192 PA-04/State Administration in IndiaBA2L-2 SLMPublic Administration
1193 PA-04/State Administration in IndiaBA-II SLMPublic Administration
1194 PA-05/Comparative Public AdministrationBAA(PA) SLMPublic Administration
1195 PA-05/Comparative Public AdministrationBA2L-3 SLMPublic Administration
1196 PA-05/Comparative Public AdministrationBA3L-3 SLMPublic Administration
1197 PA-05/Comparative Public AdministrationBA-III SLMPublic Administration
1198 PA-06/Local Self GovernmentBAA(PA) SLMPublic Administration
1199 PA-06/Local Self GovernmentBA2L-3 SLMPublic Administration
1200 PA-06/Local Self GovernmentBA3L-3 SLMPublic Administration
1201 PA-06/Local Self GovernmentBA-III SLMPublic Administration
1202 PCO/Preparatory Course in CommerceBCP SLMNot Applicable
1203 PGDCA-01/Computer Fundamental and System SoftwarePGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1204 PGDCA-02/Application Software and Web DesigningPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1205 PGDCA-03/OOPs Programming with C++ and JavaPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1206 PGDCA-04/Programming in VB and Dot NetPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1207 PGDCA-05/Computer Networking and InternetPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1208 PGDCA-101/Computer Fundamental and System SoftwarePGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1209 PGDCA-102/Application Software and Web DesigningPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1210 PGDCA-103/OOPs Programming with C++ and JavaPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1211 PGDCA-104/Programming in VB and Dot NetPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1212 PGDCA-105/Computer Networking and InternetPGDCA SLMNot Applicable
1213 PGDCL-01/Cyber Space JurisprudencePGDCL SLMNot Applicable
1214 PGDCL-02/Copy right, Patents and Trade MarkPGDCL SLMNot Applicable
1215 PGDCL-03/E-CommercePGDCL SLMNot Applicable
1216 PGDCL-04/Cyber CrimesPGDCL SLMNot Applicable
1217 PGDCL-05/Cyber Securities and Cyber TerrorismPGDCL SLMNot Applicable
1218 PGDCL-06/Essay WritingPGDCL SLMNot Applicable
1219 PGDGC-01/Guidance : Global PerspectivePGDGC SLMNot Applicable
1220 PGDGC-02/Counselling : Global PerspectivePGDGC SLMNot Applicable
1221 PGDGC-03/Counselling in different settingPGDGC SLMNot Applicable
1222 PGDGC-04/Guidance and Counselling : Psychological BasesPGDGC SLMNot Applicable
1223 PGDGC-05/ProjectPGDGC SLMNot Applicable
1228 PGDIPP-01/Science of Memory ManagementPGDIPP SLMNot Applicable
1229 PGDIPP-02/Indian Positive PsychologyPGDIPP SLMNot Applicable
1230 PGDIPP-03/Mind ManagementPGDIPP SLMNot Applicable
1231 PGDIPP-04/Human Anatomy and PhysiologyPGDIPP SLMNot Applicable
1232 PGDIPP-05/PracticalPGDIPP SLMNot Applicable
1233 PGDLL-01/Industrial Relations and the LawPGDLL SLMNot Applicable
1234 PGDLL-02/Labour Welfare Legislations and Industrial SociologyPGDLL SLMNot Applicable
1235 PGDLL-03/Wages and Social Security LegislationsPGDLL SLMNot Applicable
1236 PGDLL-04/Personnel Management and Industrial PsychologyPGDLL SLMNot Applicable
1237 PGDLL-05/Labour Jurisprudence and the I.L.O.PGDLL SLMNot Applicable
1238 PGDLL-06/Labour Economics and Labour StatisticsPGDLL SLMNot Applicable
1239 PGDWR-01/Need of Water Resource Planning and ManagementPGDWR SLMNot Applicable
1240 PGDWR-02/Need for Integrated Water Resources ManagementPGDWR SLM SLM Not Applicable
1241 PGDWR-03/Performance Evalution of Irrigation ProjectPGDWR SLM SLM Not Applicable
1242 PGDWR-04/Practical approach of Water Resource DevelopmentPGDWR SLMNot Applicable
1243 PGDYS-01/Sampurna Yoga ParichayaPGDYS SLMNot Applicable
1244 PGDYS-02/Manav Shareer Rachana Evam Kriya VigyanPGDYS SLMNot Applicable
1245 PGDYS-03/Aahaar Evam Poshan VigyanPGDYS SLMNot Applicable
1246 PGDYS-04/Swasthya Evam Yoga VigyanPGDYS SLMNot Applicable
1247 PGIPR-01/IPRs- A General IntroductionPGIPR SLMNot Applicable
1248 PGIPR-02/IPRs-Issues Challenges and International RegimePGIPR SLMNot Applicable
1249 PGIPR-03/Copy RightsPGIPR SLMNot Applicable
1250 PGIPR-04/PatentsPGIPR SLMNot Applicable
1251 PGIPR-05/Trade Marks, Geographical Indications, Plant Varieties ProtectionPGIPR SLMNot Applicable
1252 PGIPR-06/Essay WritingPGIPR SLMNot Applicable
1253 PH-01/MechanicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1254 PH-01/MechanicsBSC-I SLMPhysics
1255 PH-02/Oscillations and WavesBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1256 PH-02/Oscillations and WavesBSC-I SLMPhysics
1257 PH-03/ElectromagnetismBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1258 PH-03/ElectromagnetismBSC-I SLMPhysics
1259 PH-04/Practical PhysicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1260 PH-04/Practical PhysicsBSC-I SLMPhysics
1261 PH-05/Thermal and Statistical PhysicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1262 PH-05/Thermal and Statistical PhysicsBSC2L-2 SLMPhysics
1263 PH-05/Thermal and Statistical PhysicsBSC-II SLMPhysics
1264 PH-06/OpticsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1265 PH-06/OpticsBSC2L-2 SLMPhysics
1266 PH-06/OpticsBSC-II SLMPhysics
1267 PH-07/ElectronicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1268 PH-07/ElectronicsBSC2L-2 SLMPhysics
1269 PH-07/ElectronicsBSC-II SLMPhysics
1270 PH-08/Practical PhysicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1271 PH-08/Practical PhysicsBSC2L-2 SLMPhysics
1272 PH-08/Practical PhysicsBSC-II SLMPhysics
1273 PH-09/Elementary Quantum Mechanics & SpectroscopyBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1274 PH-09/Elementary Quantum Mechanics & SpectroscopyBSC2L-3 SLMPhysics
1275 PH-09/Elementary Quantum Mechanics & SpectroscopyBSC3L-3 SLMPhysics
1276 PH-09/Elementary Quantum Mechanics & SpectroscopyBSC-III SLMPhysics
1277 PH-10/Solid State PhysicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1278 PH-10/Solid State PhysicsBSC2L-3 SLMPhysics
1279 PH-10/Solid State PhysicsBSC3L-3 SLMPhysics
1280 PH-10/Solid State PhysicsBSC-III SLMPhysics
1281 PH-11/Nuclear PhysicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1282 PH-11/Nuclear PhysicsBSC2L-3 SLMPhysics
1283 PH-11/Nuclear PhysicsBSC3L-3 SLMPhysics
1284 PH-11/Nuclear PhysicsBSC-III SLMPhysics
1285 PH-12/Practical PhysicsBScA(PH) SLMPhysics
1286 PH-12/Practical PhysicsBSC2L-3 SLMPhysics
1287 PH-12/Practical PhysicsBSC3L-3 SLMPhysics
1288 PH-12/Practical PhysicsBSC-III SLMPhysics
1289 PS-01/Foundation of Political ScienceBAA(PS) SLMPolitical Science
1290 PS-01/Foundation of Political ScienceBA-I SLMPolitical Science
1291 PS-02/Indian Political ThinkersBAA(PS) SLMPolitical Science
1292 PS-02/Indian Political ThinkersBA-I SLMPolitical Science
1293 PS-03/Comparative Political Institutions and Good GovernanceBAA(PS) SLMPolitical Science
1294 PS-03/Comparative Political Institutions and Good GovernanceBA2L-2 SLMPolitical Science
1295 PS-03/Comparative Political Institutions and Good GovernanceBA-II SLMPolitical Science
1296 PS-04/Indian Politics - An IntroductionBAA(PS) SLMPolitical Science
1297 PS-04/Indian Politics - An IntroductionBA2L-2 SLMPolitical Science
1298 PS-04/Indian Politics - An IntroductionBA-II SLMPolitical Science
1299 PS-05/Political Theory & ThoughtBAA(PS) SLMPolitical Science
1300 PS-05/Political Theory & ThoughtBA2L-3 SLMPolitical Science
1301 PS-05/Political Theory & ThoughtBA3L-3 SLMPolitical Science
1302 PS-05/Political Theory & ThoughtBA-III SLMPolitical Science
1303 PS-06/Contemporary International RelationsBAA(PS) SLMPolitical Science
1304 PS-06/Contemporary International RelationsBA2L-3 SLMPolitical Science
1305 PS-06/Contemporary International RelationsBA3L-3 SLMPolitical Science
1306 PS-06/Contemporary International RelationsBA-III SLMPolitical Science
1307 PSY-01/Psychological ProcessesBAA(PSY) SLMPsychology
1308 PSY-01/Psychological ProcessesBA-I SLMPsychology
1309 PSY-02/PsychopathologyBAA(PSY) SLMPsychology
1310 PSY-02/PsychopathologyBA-I SLMPsychology
1311 PSY-03/Psychological Statistics and MeasurementBAA(PSY) SLMPsychology
1312 PSY-03/Psychological Statistics and MeasurementBA2L-2 SLMPsychology
1313 PSY-03/Psychological Statistics and MeasurementBA-II SLMPsychology
1314 PSY-04/Social PsychologyBAA(PSY) SLMPsychology
1315 PSY-04/Social PsychologyBA2L-2 SLMPsychology
1316 PSY-04/Social PsychologyBA-II SLMPsychology
1317 PSY-05/Theories and System of PsychologyBA2L-3 SLMPsychology
1318 PSY-05/Theories and System of PsychologyBA3L-3 SLMPsychology
1319 PSY-05/Theories and System of PsychologyBA-III SLMPsychology
1320 PSY-06/PracticalBA-III SLMPsychology
1321 PSY-06/PracticalBA2L-3 SLMPsychology
1322 PSY-06/PracticalBA3L-3 SLMPsychology
1323 QCA/Application of ComputersBHHM-II SLMNot Applicable
1324 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1325 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1326 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1327 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBCOM2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1328 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBCOM3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1329 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBCOM-II SLMNot Applicable
1330 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBSC2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1331 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBSC3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1332 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBSC-II SLMNot Applicable
1333 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1334 QCA/Elementary Computer ApplicationMCAQ-I SLMNot Applicable
1335 QEG/General EnglishBA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1336 QEG/General EnglishBA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1337 QEG/General EnglishBA-II SLMNot Applicable
1338 QEG/General EnglishBCA-I SLMNot Applicable
1339 QEG/General EnglishBCOM2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1340 QEG/General EnglishBCOM3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1341 QEG/General EnglishBCOM-II SLMNot Applicable
1342 QEG/General EnglishBHHM-III SLMNot Applicable
1343 QEG/General EnglishBSC2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1344 QEG/General EnglishBSC3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1345 QEG/General EnglishBSC-II SLMNot Applicable
1346 QEG/General EnglishBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1347 QES/Environmental StudiesBA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1348 QES/Environmental StudiesBA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1349 QES/Environmental StudiesBA-I SLMNot Applicable
1350 QES/Environmental StudiesBCA-I SLMNot Applicable
1351 QES/Environmental StudiesBCOM2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1352 QES/Environmental StudiesBCOM3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1353 QES/Environmental StudiesBCOM-I SLMNot Applicable
1354 QES/Environmental StudiesBHHM-I SLMNot Applicable
1355 QES/Environmental StudiesBSC2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1356 QES/Environmental StudiesBSC3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1357 QES/Environmental StudiesBSC-I SLMNot Applicable
1358 QES/Environmental StudiesBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1359 QHD/General HindiBA2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1360 QHD/General HindiBA3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1361 QHD/General HindiBA-I SLMNot Applicable
1362 QHD/General HindiBCOM2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1363 QHD/General HindiBCOM3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1364 QHD/General HindiBCOM-I SLMNot Applicable
1365 QHD/General HindiBSC2L-2 SLMNot Applicable
1366 QHD/General HindiBSC3L-3 SLMNot Applicable
1367 QHD/General HindiBSC-I SLMNot Applicable
1368 QHD/General HindiBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1369 REW/Technical Report Writing in EnglishBCA-I SLMNot Applicable
1370 RJ-01/Adhunik Rajasthani Gadh SahityaBAA(RJ) SLMRajasthani
1371 RJ-01/Adhunik Rajasthani Gadh SahityaBA-I SLMRajasthani
1372 RJ-02/Adhunik Rajasthani Padh SahityaBAA(RJ) SLMRajasthani
1373 RJ-02/Adhunik Rajasthani Padh SahityaBA-I SLMRajasthani
1374 RJ-03/Madhyakalin Rajasthani GadhyaBAA(RJ) SLMRajasthani
1375 RJ-03/Madhyakalin Rajasthani GadhyaBA2L-2 SLMRajasthani
1376 RJ-03/Madhyakalin Rajasthani GadhyaBA-II SLMRajasthani
1377 RJ-04/Madhyakalin Rajasthani PadhyaBAA(RJ) SLMRajasthani
1378 RJ-04/Madhyakalin Rajasthani PadhyaBA2L-2 SLMRajasthani
1379 RJ-04/Madhyakalin Rajasthani PadhyaBA-II SLMRajasthani
1380 RJ-05/Prachin evam Madhyakalin Sahitya (Kavya tatha Gadhya)BAA(RJ) SLMRajasthani
1381 RJ-05/Prachin evam Madhyakalin Sahitya (Kavya tatha Gadhya)BA2L-3 SLMRajasthani
1382 RJ-05/Prachin evam Madhyakalin Sahitya (Kavya tatha Gadhya)BA3L-3 SLMRajasthani
1383 RJ-05/Prachin evam Madhyakalin Sahitya (Kavya tatha Gadhya)BA-III SLMRajasthani
1384 RJ-06/Rajasthani Bhasa evam Sahitya ka ItihaasBAA(RJ) SLMRajasthani
1385 RJ-06/Rajasthani Bhasa evam Sahitya ka ItihaasBA2L-3 SLMRajasthani
1386 RJ-06/Rajasthani Bhasa evam Sahitya ka ItihaasBA3L-3 SLMRajasthani
1387 RJ-06/Rajasthani Bhasa evam Sahitya ka ItihaasBA-III SLMRajasthani
1388 SA-01/Natak, Katha, Sahitya, Chhand evam AlankarBAA(SA) SLMSanskrit
1389 SA-01/Natak, Katha, Sahitya, Chhand evam AlankarBA-I SLMSanskrit
1390 SA-02/Bhartiya Sanskriti ke Tatv, Pad, Sahitya, Anuvad evam VyakaranBAA(SA) SLMSanskrit
1391 SA-02/Bhartiya Sanskriti ke Tatv, Pad, Sahitya, Anuvad evam VyakaranBA-I SLMSanskrit
1392 SA-03/Kavya tatha Sanskrit Sahitya ka ItihaasBAA(SA) SLMSanskrit
1393 SA-03/Kavya tatha Sanskrit Sahitya ka ItihaasBA2L-2 SLMSanskrit
1394 SA-03/Kavya tatha Sanskrit Sahitya ka ItihaasBA-II SLMSanskrit
1395 SA-04/Gadh, Samaj Prakaran tatha NibandhBAA(SA) SLMSanskrit
1396 SA-04/Gadh, Samaj Prakaran tatha NibandhBA2L-2 SLMSanskrit
1397 SA-04/Gadh, Samaj Prakaran tatha NibandhBA-II SLMSanskrit
1398 SA-05/Natak evam VyakaranBAA(SA) SLMSanskrit
1399 SA-05/Natak evam VyakaranBA2L-3 SLMSanskrit
1400 SA-05/Natak evam VyakaranBA3L-3 SLMSanskrit
1401 SA-05/Natak evam VyakaranBA-III SLMSanskrit
1402 SA-06/Ved, Upnishad tatha Bhartiya DarshanBAA(SA) SLMSanskrit
1403 SA-06/Ved, Upnishad tatha Bhartiya DarshanBA2L-3 SLMSanskrit
1404 SA-06/Ved, Upnishad tatha Bhartiya DarshanBA3L-3 SLMSanskrit
1405 SA-06/Ved, Upnishad tatha Bhartiya DarshanBA-III SLMSanskrit
1406 SO-01/Introductory SociologyBAA(SO) SLMSociology
1407 SO-01/Introductory SociologyBA-I SLMSociology
1408 SO-02/Society in IndiaBAA(SO) SLMSociology
1409 SO-02/Society in IndiaBA-I SLMSociology
1410 SO-03/Social ResearchBAA(SO) SLMSociology
1411 SO-03/Social ResearchBA2L-2 SLMSociology
1412 SO-03/Social ResearchBA-II SLMSociology
1413 SO-04/Social Problems in IndiaBAA(SO) SLMSociology
1414 SO-04/Social Problems in IndiaBA2L-2 SLMSociology
1415 SO-04/Social Problems in IndiaBA-II SLMSociology
1416 SO-05/Social ThinkersBAA(SO) SLMSociology
1417 SO-05/Social ThinkersBA2L-3 SLMSociology
1418 SO-05/Social ThinkersBA3L-3 SLMSociology
1419 SO-05/Social ThinkersBA-III SLMSociology
1420 SO-06/Social AnthropologyBAA(SO) SLMSociology
1421 SO-06/Social AnthropologyBA2L-3 SLMSociology
1422 SO-06/Social AnthropologyBA3L-3 SLMSociology
1423 SO-06/Social AnthropologyBA-III SLMSociology
1424 SW-01/Social Work : Concept, Meaning and PhilosophyBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1425 SW-01/Social Work : Concept, Meaning and PhilosophyBA-I SLMSocial Work
1426 SW-02/Historical and Professional Development of Social WorkBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1427 SW-02/Historical and Professional Development of Social WorkBA-I SLMSocial Work
1428 SW-03/Concept, Meaning and Characteristics of Indian SocietyBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1429 SW-03/Concept, Meaning and Characteristics of Indian SocietyBA2L-2 SLMSocial Work
1430 SW-04/Indian Social StructureBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1431 SW-04/Indian Social StructureBA2L-2 SLMSocial Work
1432 SW-05/Personality & Behaviour dynamicsBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1433 SW-05/Personality & Behaviour DynamicsBA2L-3 SLMSocial Work
1434 SW-05/Personality & Behaviour DynamicsBA3L-3 SLMSocial Work
1435 SW-06/Human Growth and DevelopmentBSW-I SLMNot Applicable
1436 SW-06/Human Growth and DevelopmentBA2L-3 SLMSocial Work
1437 SW-06/Human Growth and DevelopmentBA3L-3 SLMSocial Work
1438 SW-07/Social Case Work and Social group workBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1439 SW-08/Community Organisation and Social ActionBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1440 SW-09/Social Welfare Administration and Welfare ServicesBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1441 SW-10/Scope of Social WorkBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1442 SW-11/Social disintegration and Contemporary Social ProblemsBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1443 SW-12/Indian Social Problems : Concept, Causes and consequencesBSW-II SLMNot Applicable
1444 SW-13/Social Policy, Planning and developmentBSW-III SLMNot Applicable
1445 SW-14/Social Work ResearchBSW-III SLMNot Applicable
1446 SW-15/Patterns of Social WorkBSW-III SLMNot Applicable
1447 SW-15/Patterns of Social WorkBA-III SLMSocial Work
1448 SW-16/Skills of Counselling and TransmissionBSW-III SLMNot Applicable
1449 SW-17/Field work practices in Social Work : Theoreticial perspectivesBSW-III SLMNot Applicable
1450 SW-18/Project WorkBSW-III SLMNot Applicable
1451 SW-19/Concept, Meaning and Characteristics of Indian SocietyBA-II SLMSocial Work
1452 SW-20/Social Case Work and Social group workBA-II SLMSocial Work
1453 TM-01/Prabandhan SiddhantDTM SLM SLM Not Applicable
1454 TM-02/Paryatan AvdharnayeinDTM SLM SLM Not Applicable
1455 TM-03/Paryatan UtpadDTM SLM SLM Not Applicable
1456 TM-04/Rajasthan ParyatanDTM SLM SLM Not Applicable
1457 TM-05/Paryatan SancharDTM SLM SLM Not Applicable
1458 TM-05/Tourism CommunicationCTG SLM SLM Not Applicable
1459 UD-01/Gair Afsanvi NasraBAA(UD) SLMUrdu
1460 UD-01/Gair Afsanvi NasraBA-I SLMUrdu
1461 UD-02/Urdu GazalBAA(UD) SLMUrdu
1462 UD-02/Urdu GazalBA-I SLMUrdu
1463 UD-03/Afsanvi Nasra aur TarjumaBAA(UD) SLMUrdu
1464 UD-03/Afsanvi Nasra aur TarjumaBA2L-2 SLMUrdu
1465 UD-03/Afsanvi Nasra aur TarjumaBA-II SLMUrdu
1466 UD-04/Urdu Shayari aur BlagatBAA(UD) SLMUrdu
1467 UD-04/Urdu Shayari aur BlagatBA2L-2 SLMUrdu
1468 UD-04/Urdu Shayari aur BlagatBA-II SLMUrdu
1469 UD-05/Tarik,Tankeed aur Electronic MediaBAA(UD) SLMUrdu
1470 UD-05/Tarik,Tankeed aur Electronic MediaBA2L-3 SLMUrdu
1471 UD-05/Tarik,Tankeed aur Electronic MediaBA3L-3 SLMUrdu
1472 UD-05/Tarik,Tankeed aur Electronic MediaBA-III SLMUrdu
1473 UD-06/Urdu ShayariBAA(UD) SLMUrdu
1474 UD-06/Urdu ShayariBA2L-3 SLMUrdu
1475 UD-06/Urdu ShayariBA3L-3 SLMUrdu
1476 UD-06/Urdu ShayariBA-III SLMUrdu
1477 ZO-01/Diversity of Animals and EvolutionBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1478 ZO-01/Diversity of Animals and EvolutionBSC-I SLMZoology
1479 ZO-02/Cell Biology and GeneticsBScA(ZO) SLM SLM Zoology
1480 ZO-02/Cell Biology and GeneticsBSC-I SLM SLM Zoology
1481 ZO-03/Gametes and Developmental BiologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1482 ZO-03/Gametes and Developmental BiologyBSC-I SLMZoology
1483 ZO-04/Practical ZoologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1484 ZO-04/Practical ZoologyBSC-I SLMZoology
1485 ZO-05/InvertebratesBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1486 ZO-05/InvertebratesBSC2L-2 SLMZoology
1487 ZO-05/InvertebratesBSC-II SLMZoology
1488 ZO-06/Animal Physiology & ImmunologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1489 ZO-06/Animal Physiology & ImmunologyBSC2L-2 SLMZoology
1490 ZO-06/Animal Physiology & ImmunologyBSC-II SLMZoology
1491 ZO-07/Microbiology & BiotechnologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1492 ZO-07/Microbiology & BiotechnologyBSC2L-2 SLMZoology
1493 ZO-07/Microbiology & BiotechnologyBSC-II SLMZoology
1494 ZO-08/Practical ZoologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1495 ZO-08/Practical ZoologyBSC2L-2 SLMZoology
1496 ZO-08/Practical ZoologyBSC-II SLMZoology
1497 ZO-09/Structure and Functions of VertebratesBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1498 ZO-09/Structure and Functions of VertebratesBSC2L-3 SLMZoology
1499 ZO-09/Structure and Functions of VertebratesBSC3L-3 SLMZoology
1500 ZO-09/Structure and Functions of VertebratesBSC-III SLMZoology
1501 ZO-10/Ecology & Environmental BiologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1502 ZO-10/Ecology & Environmental BiologyBSC2L-3 SLMZoology
1503 ZO-10/Ecology & Environmental BiologyBSC3L-3 SLMZoology
1504 ZO-10/Ecology & Environmental BiologyBSC-III SLMZoology
1505 ZO-11/Applied Zoology, Ethology and BiostatisticsBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1506 ZO-11/Applied Zoology, Ethology and BiostatisticsBSC2L-3 SLMZoology
1507 ZO-11/Applied Zoology, Ethology and BiostatisticsBSC3L-3 SLMZoology
1508 ZO-11/Applied Zoology, Ethology and BiostatisticsBSC-III SLMZoology
1509 ZO-12/Practical ZoologyBScA(ZO) SLMZoology
1510 ZO-12/Practical ZoologyBSC2L-3 SLMZoology
1511 ZO-12/Practical ZoologyBSC3L-3 SLMZoology
1512 ZO-12/Practical ZoologyBSC-III SLMZoology